Embarrassment for Rangers in Holland could have been way, way worse

Embarrassment for Rangers in Holland could have been way, way worse
Rangers' US midfielder Malik Tillman (L) controls the ball ahead of Ajax's Nigerian defender Calvin Bassey during the first round Group A UEFA Champions League football match between Ajax Amsterdam (NED) and Rangers (SCO) at The Johan Cruijff ArenA in Amsterdam on September 7, 2022. (Photo by Kenzo TRIBOUILLARD / AFP) (Photo by KENZO TRIBOUILLARD/AFP via Getty Images)

Rangers tonight probably managed to exceed Saturday for gutlessness and heartlessness. This was close to the most insipid, lazy and feeble performance we have actually witnessed from Rangers in many, many years.

However, it’s also a glaring insight into the incredible hike that the Champions League actually is over the Europa League that world-beaters last season and even last week look a joke this.

Bear in mind, our superior finalists, Frankfurt, were also put in their place tonight by Sporting who comfortably travelled to Germany and won, so we’re not the only UEL finalist to get a stinging result on opening UCL day.

PSV are NOT a Champions League team, and this competition is just a completely different level.

Remember Joey Veerman saying we didn’t deserve to be there – we said the same, kind of, about Malmo, who got absolutely drubbed in the group stage as well.

Out of our depth? A tad.

But there’s no forgiving the complete lack of heart our players showed in Amsterdam.

Kamara, Goldson, Tillman, Wright – just four of the players utterly drowning this evening, while captain Tavernier, who had dreamed about this, found it a nightmare inside 30 minutes.

Ajax are a good team, let’s not forget that. They’re seed one in our group. But they are nowhere near the absolute pinnacle Euro elite of your PSGs, City, Bayern, Real etc.

And yet they showed up in their metaphorical pyjamas and booted us into touch.

Our players looked like they knew they didn’t belong at this level.

This article is a mess because so many things went wrong, so many clauses, aspects and stipulations.

It wasn’t a massacre out there, if Ajax had wanted to destroy us to pure humiliation, they could have done.

Be grateful they let up on us in the second half or this one could easily have gone into double figures. We wonder if Calvin maybe helped to save a few of our blushes in the dressing room at half time.

Because lord knows, that had the potential to be our worst all-time European result.

Goodness me.

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  1. mcoist hit the nail on the head when he said he didn’t know how good Ajax actually are — given our performance. A shadow of what we were, all media outlets are asking the same thing, what has / is going wrong? something clearly is going on, speculation Gio has lost the dressing room is being mentioned, all i know is this team currently lack fight, imagination and desire. It was a disgraceful performance and everyone associated with the club, in every department, is responsible for what can only be described as a shambles

  2. Yes agree ,I do not think we are a CL team or any team from Scotland for that matter .We are a EUL team all day long ,we need to get back to basics ,winning here and getting the better of them would keep me happy 😃with a fair bit of success in EUL .IF gio loses or draws this weekend ,the league is gone and we should look to get dyche in and get a solid hard backbone back in team .It is already looking like we need a clear out which probably should have been done this summer with McLaughlin, sands,goldson ,Tav barrisic ,Davis ,Kanara ,Morelos to go .The club is a total shambles just now tbh 🙄

  3. For 2nd game in a row total lack of heart leadership and effort. Time to ditch Kamara Davis Jack and get some young legs into the midfield. Play McCann Lowry when fit and have Lundstram and Arfield as the experienced heads. Also play King and Davies as centre backs and Mccrorie in goal. OK we may lose games but the experience these players will gain will be invaluable for future seasons. Ajax and other continental teams have no problems playing youngsters and this has been an achilles heel for Rangers for many years. The team needs freshened up immediately and it is time to send a message to those who are undroppable that these days are over. Need an injection of youth pace and heart starting on Saturday and don’t forget the team we played at Hearts at the end of last season was full of youngsters. As for tonight a shambles and it proves that we are a Europa League team and I see us finishing with 0 points unless there is a change in attitude and selection

  4. I think this growing rumour about GVB and his team losing the dressing is a fasle one, I would frame it a different way I think the players are struggling to get this strategy of Dutch style slow patient football. Technically they are not that type of players or understand its relevance I really do. If you look at the rotten mobs way of playing its 20/30 minutes of fast blitz flooding with pace and plenty players forward , it works against poorer sides but was exposed as poor by Real cause thier defence is shit under pressure as proved by Real and Bodo Glint last season too. Which doesn’t happen in the SNPFL .

  5. There is so much that is wrong with this team. A goalkeeper that doesn’t inspire, defenders who can’t defend, no bravery to attack headers, players playing out of position, creative players who don’t create, wingers who can’t beat a man, a striker with no service, nothing better on the bench, players who don’t want to be here, a manager with little idea on how to change things, a manager who thinks it’s right to play virtually the same team after a 4-0 drubbing then get another 4-0 drubbing, no pace, no energy, no heart, no vision. Have I missed anything? This is going to be our worst season since 2012.

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