BBC up to their old tricks as pro-Celtic corp blanks Rangers

BBC up to their old tricks as pro-Celtic corp blanks Rangers
Well that lasted long....

The BBC are back to letting themselves down again after nearly whitewashing Rangers’ return to the UCL with just one story on the deal, where yesterday their Scottish sports news was filled with at least 4 Celtic preview stories in lieu of the Madrid match.

Even further, as well as just one Rangers story today, they remain gushing over Celtic, with 5 pro-Celtic stories and in fact one pro-Ajax story.

Despite the ceasefire, despite their recently improved tone of content towards Rangers, with just two hours till kick off they have as good as ignored Rangers and are even doing a story on our opponent.

Now, if we’re fair, they also covered Ancellotti’s Madrid yesterday, talking about the former Milan man’s inability to win at Parkhead as boss of the Rossoneri, but overall, the pro-Celtic tone yesterday and today is ludicrous and fails to even acknowledge Rangers’ fortunes apart from a single headline story.

It’s basically back to how you were before the ceasefire.

Yes, there’s a story on Rangers’ Women, but with all due respect all focus should clearly be on the men’s side’s strip to Amsterdam.

Just a single story on it, and those five on Celtic v Real.

You’d almost think they’d actually won.

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