Glen Kamara is finished at Rangers

Glen Kamara is finished at Rangers
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 14: Giacomo Raspadori of SSC Napoli scores their side's second goal whilst under pressure from Glen Kamara of Rangers during the UEFA Champions League group A match between Rangers FC and SSC Napoli at Ibrox Stadium on September 14, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images)

Glen Kamara is done at Ibrox. There, we said it. We don’t want him playing any more for our club when it is patently clear he no longer wants to play for us.

His absolute apathy and disinterest last night to be robbed so easily and cost us the third goal summed up his complete distancing from this club, his unprofessionalism at losing out on his move to Nice, and his immaturity at losing his two best club mates in Joe Aribo and Calvin Bassey.

We knew this in late 2018 when he signed the precontract for us – he completely, 100% downed tools at Dundee, giving a foreshadow of the boy’s attitude and professionalism when his heart is set on a move.

It was a bad sign, and we suspected deep down one day it would bite us in the backside.

And at Rangers he hasn’t just downed tools, he’s sat down on a lounger, cracked open a beer and put the shades on.

He’s just not interested in the slightest, and wants to leave. He’s been clear about being ready for a move ever since he, in fairness to him, actually admitted it many months ago.

And he was close to the big time with Ligue 1 in France, only for that very Nice move indeed to fall through, leaving him absolutely gutted at not getting his big transfer like his amigos Bassey and Aribo.

Instead he’s ‘stuck at Ibrox’, unable to potentially get a move till January, but of course, the way he’s playing these days, he can’t hide his disinterest, and he’s hardly showcasing his talents to potential suitors.

No one is less interested in playing for the club than Kamara these days, and if he is selected for the club again, we can expect more of the same.

Which is why we’re done with him.

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  1. Totally agree . We should have sold him . I’m more worried about the obvious failing of Jack , Davis and they are only a shadow of their former selves . Jack cannot play at that level any more , and whilst Stevie has flashes he runs our of steam and as you say can’t play with Lundstram. It’s all part of the real worry going on, on the field and off .

    • How can you sell him when absolutely nobody was interested in him, he is a wage thief, and every other team sees that

      I’ve been saying for seasons he is absolutely garbage, we would struggle to give him away on a free

      I hate him as much as Goldson, another that uses rangers for a good pay day

      But do not worry, gio will soon have his P45

      And whoever comes in will drop those 2 lazy bastards

      • Could not 🚭 put it any better my friend. The two of them wouldn’t get on the Linfield Team . They are a joke , and I hope we get rid of them ASAP 🤡🤡 Shankill Ray ✋

  2. Where does this boy think he will get a move to that will be better than rangers ,I think he forgets he came from dundee for 50000 for christ sakes .He should cream his drawers and thank his lucky stars every time he runs out at ibrox instead of dens park!!! .hahaha
    He wont be going anywhere for 10 million I can assure you ,more likely his contract will run down and gers will tell him to GTF .

  3. Starting to look more like that 50k player we got from the Dee’s lol. After all tht bk up a lot of the support gave him in the Prague incident and he acts like this.

    Its not on get him to fk.

  4. Left footing plant, useless mofo..and this is what the fat pie eating board think is acceptable to us…we are the people you dirty fat rats…100 million and we have to play that useless no mark my maw dribbles better..shame on you c u next Tuesday’s.

  5. Once again is this not down to GvB if we can all see it then is obvious the manager and team must be aware. I would be disappointed if it being the case that he wants away and is disinterested and I was in that squad and he was getting picked before me. And what’s happening with Ben Davis he was in the squad on Thursday only to have young Leon King picked before him. Why did we spend £4m on a player who isn’t getting a game ahead of a academy prospect.


  7. Mr Magooo take the dark glasses of and watch this lazy B he is a useless greedy player who seems to think trotting around the pitch like a mini Pogba , I wouldnt give you 15 – 20 pennies for him. GSTK

  8. The sooner we get rid of him , and Goldson the better. I wouldn’t have them in the B Team. They will cost us big time ,if we don’t get them to xxxx Shankill Ray ✋

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