Gio under pressure after controversial Rangers statement

Gio under pressure after controversial Rangers statement
Rangers's Dutch coach Giovanni Van Bronckhorst encourages his players from the touchline during the first round Group A UEFA Champions League football match between Ajax Amsterdam (NED) and Rangers (SCO) at The Johan Cruijff ArenA in Amsterdam on September 7, 2022. (Photo by MAURICE VAN STEEN / AFP) (Photo by MAURICE VAN STEEN/AFP via Getty Images)

I have to admit I was disgusted when I heard that Gio said Rangers are not able to play in the Champions League.

Does that mean Bassey is not Champions League level?

Or how about Aribo?

What is so wrong with Gio’s capitulation is Bassey and Aribo were not even close to being Champions League or English Premier League level when they first arrived at Rangers.

And that is why so many players have begun to look at Rangers. Because not only has (sorry had) Rangers had become a team to be feared, Rangers had developed a knack of training (some) players to the point they were being looked at by some of the best clubs in the world.

And Gio now throws all the Rangers players under the bus, just months after they got us to the Europa League final – and just so we are clear on this these players defeated many Champions League level clubs. So, don’t tell me Rangers are not Champions League Level.

What is really galling is rather than putting his hands up and accepting the blame, he chose to blame absolutely everyone else, after seeing his tactics (Yes this is 100% Gio’s tactics) ship EIGHT goals in just two matches.

A few short months ago I absolutely praising Gio for not making stupid changes to the Rangers team, and instead just tweaking things to make Rangers a team everyone feared.

As you might remember I said that the team that got us to the Europa League was actually a mish-mash of styles, with some elements remaining from Gerrard’s time and some critical elements dating back all the way to Warburton. Yep Warburton.

And that is a fact.

But today, this is Gio’s Rangers. He chose to throw out all the tactics his players had learnt over the previous years…and now he says the players are not good enough.

No, sorry Gio that is not how it works.

If Goldson has a problem jumping when it comes to defending (he can clearly jump over everyone in the opponent’s box, but always ducks when he is in his own penalty box) then Gio should have replaced him months ago, until he worked out how to defend the box.

But he chose to get rid of Katic, the Flying Cannonball.

This is not a player problem…this is a manager problem.

If the players cannot play out from a high press (they absolutely could last year) then Gio should have spent more time training the team in this art and made sure the midfield move quickly to aid the defenders.

Again, this is not the players fault…that is the manager’s fault.

Only the manager is responsible for who appears on the team roster, and how they play is 100% defined by how the manager wants them to play.

And sadly the only tactic I see Gio now playing is the huge punt up the park, and to sit back in two defensive rows, waiting pathetically for the next attack to come.

Yeh, Gio that tactic is really going to work at the Champions League level.

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  1. Gio needs to be aware that it was HIM who picked the team, it was HIM that trained the team, it was HIM who bought / didn’t buy / sold players when he had the chance and it was HIS tactics and lack thereof that allowed the last two atrocities to unfold.
    Yes I agree that funds are dictated by the board and the board should be aware of their part in this failure.
    The fans will always be fans but YOU HAVE LET US DOWN BADLY!! you have failed us all.

  2. Totally agree with Derek here folks , we were a progressive team from Gerrard /Beale and unfortunately Gio had taken us backwards we look lost in and I use the term loosely, this formation. It’s slow and predictable as the rotten mob and then Ajax has proved .You sit deep like that and be passive good teams will pick you apart . We all know who are the usual suspects that let us down Goldson Kamara Kent . We are in trouble ..GVB has to go now ..and ad Derek says the board too have to the responsibility fir allowing it to develop.

  3. At the moment I don’t think that GVB has got a clue about what he needs to do, I seriously think thT tav, is more of an attacking midfielder than a right back, Goldson needs to remember that he is one of the main defenders and get a grip on his defenders the quicker our injuries clear up the better for the manager or he will be on the dole.

  4. This is definitely down to Gio. He picked the team and unbelievably stood by the team that got comprehensibly thumped at Parkhead. That was either extremely bold or extremely stupid. I think we got our answer. We’ve signed a load of dead wood again. If that’s not down to him then the fans must be told. Celtic are miles behind Real Madrid and eventually got thumped but they “competed” well in the first half.

  5. Gio got it wrong again with his substitutes against Napoli.We were still in the game and working hard.He brought in Kamara and right away we were under pressure.Second goal he was on the wrong side of the score,third goal he hesitated and lost the ball in a dangerous area.Anther goal against and game over..Gio seemingly likes Kamara and he is being sadly disillusioned.The man is no where near Rangers class and should be shown the exit.

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