Rangers’ misery in the UCL put into MAJOR context

Rangers’ misery in the UCL put into MAJOR context
FRANKFURT AM MAIN, GERMANY - SEPTEMBER 07: Mario Gotze of Eintracht Frankfurt is challenged by Jeremiah St. Juste of Sporting CP during the UEFA Champions League group D match between Eintracht Frankfurt and Sporting CP at Deutsche Bank Park on September 07, 2022 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. (Photo by Alex Grimm/Getty Images)

If there’s one thing that has emerged from Rangers’ humbling tonight, it’s a bit of context.

And that context is that Liverpool, the mighty Liverpool, swimming in cash and recent UCL winners and runners up as well as champions of England and runners up, were absolutely demolished in Naples by a rampant home side.

The next one is that Rangers’ UEL conquerors Eintracht, who earned second top seed in the whole competition thanks to that Seville win, were also blown away mercilessly by Sporting.

Meanwhile Barcelona, themselves not spectacular these days, destroyed Viktoria Plzen.

What are we saying?

1: If the recent kings of Europe and England, Liverpool, can be crushed at this level, anyone can.

2: Eintracht getting smashed shows further the massive chasm between UEL and UCL.

3: Plzen being put away easily demonstrates the gulf between the big and small clubs grows ever wider and there remains a huge elitism issue with the Champions League.

What we’re saying is, yes, we were absolutely garbage, but as Gio says, you need big money to do any better than that at this level, and Rangers are probably the worst-off team in it.

We’re not justifying the lack of effort on Wednesday night, not at all. That was unforgivable.

But we started the match with a team costing a combined total of £15M up against a side who signed Bassey from us for £8M more and sold about £200M worth of players this summer.

Let’s not be TOO hard on ourselves – we are out of our depth, but historically, we always were in the UCL.

It’s for the rich boys, and we’re not one. Let’s just enjoy the ride and see if we can do anything at all.

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    • Totally agree no movement. No effort. No fight. No heart.there is 1 ball control the ball. Control the game

  1. Yeah, it’s an embarrassment but as much to do with our puny league as it is to do with us. Even English Premier League sides that get relegated get more than us in parachute payments than we’d get for winning a treble and having a good European run. The CL is an elitist arena that we can just be glad we get a chance to experience and see some of the world’s best players. There are plenty Liverpool and Celtic fans having a good laugh at us tonight but we all sit on the same number of points. It is painful tonight but not anywhere near as much as Saturday. We need a new team selection, maybe even a new formation and new start this weekend. Let’s at least try and assert ourselves domestically and you never know, we might even get Europa league after New Year which is more our level.

  2. But we dont need millions to beat hibs n septic
    Whats Gios excuse for that
    And more misery after the sheep game
    8 points behind coming
    They all got their contracts so now not giving a fuck

  3. everyone knows Liverpool haven’t had the best starts. Liverpool had 62% of possesion, we had 24% with 1 shot on target. Everyone knows you get shock results in football but you also get teams who can punch above their weight, last 2 games we haven’t been able to even muster a light slap.
    I’ve no issue putting things into context and I’ve no issue getting beaten but what I can’t accept is the team rolling over, not putting in the effort and not working. So the club do need to be hard on themselves because the lack of effort is embarrassing.

  4. The really sad thought about this elitist CL is, we once thought we were one of them, It was the brainchild of Rangers. See The Greatest Ever Ranger DVD/Video where Campbell Ogilvie was given special mention for his work on the inception of the ECL. Tapie, Berlusconi and Murray. One of them still owes us big time.

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