Gio rages: can Rangers’ players look themselves in the mirror?

Gio rages: can Rangers’ players look themselves in the mirror?
Gio cannot hide his outrage...

The now-viral video of Giovanni reacting in horror and outrage as Ryan Kent left his man sums up a lot, and while Gio had a stinker of a match himself, it didn’t take a blind man to see the players let themselves, their manager and the fans down big time.

The basics of the game were forgotten, and while no one is defending the manager who did get things wrong too (Lundstram and Davis together, really?!) he is ultimately helpless beyond shouting and pointing from the side as his men fail completely to deliver on his tactics and instructions.

You know what’s worse?

Kent wasn’t just leaving his man, he was protesting against the free kick and not playing to the whistle while his own manager was screaming at him to track o’Riley, with only Lundstram doing so.

This summed up the complete lackadaisical attitude the players had for the majority – only Lundstram himself and Barisic got any passmarks for guts, and when Borna is one of the few to show the shirt respect and actually try, you know you’re in trouble.

Let’s be real – as badly as the tactics worked out (it was another bad one from Gio at Parkhead) the players didn’t help by not showing up for them. Celtic went hammer and tong from the first whistle and after the first goal, it looked like our men just gave up.

We went through the motions of course, but the heart was already gone from this one.

And that’s not on Gio, it’s on the players. Our manager can do so much, but once that white line is crosses it’s on the players. And the vast majority of them let themselves down badly.

It is without doubt the most gutless OF display from a Rangers side since Warburton’s days, and the most incompetent. A better goalie might have kept the score respectable but there was nothing from Rangers’ midfield and attack to suggest any danger from the visitors.

An all-round failure, but can the players look themselves in the mirror?

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  1. Gio’s away record in the league is really poor, we have only won 6 out of 13 this calendar year. He sets the team up poorly, paying mediocre teams too much respect with no tempo or urgency in our play. I have serious doubts we’ll win the league with him in charge

  2. The question is ,can gio look himself in the mirror ,he blatantly disregarded the opinions of the fans with the gk situation and also the defence and midfield with re signing older players instead of freshening it up ,also it falls on the manager to get a “tune” out his players ,with the 2 rotten performances v them and away from also poor , time is running out for him .

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