Ally McCoist LAYS into Rangers on BT Sport as pundit sees red

Ally McCoist LAYS into Rangers on BT Sport as pundit sees red
DERBY, ENGLAND - AUGUST 02: Ally McCoist, the Rangers manager, looks on during the pre season friendly match between Derby County and Rangers at iPro Stadium on August 2, 2014 in Derby, England. (Photo by David Rogers/Getty Images)

Former Rangers hero Ally McCoist was not pulling punches as he absolutely slaughtered the first half especially on BT Sport.

The former manager and striker for the Famous was on punditry duties, and appeared optimistic about the side’s chances for their opening day in the competition proper for the first time in 12 years.

This changed at half time as Ally completely destroyed the players and even the manager at half time, in a candid display of honesty where he even cut host Darrell Currie off to explain further, something Ally doesn’t usually do.

Accusing the side of lacking heart, guts, fight or desire, the hitman, who never lacked any of these, was disgusted at what he saw, and didn’t hold back one iota as the first half crumbled around Gio’s men.

It’s the most frank assessment of an abysmal first half we’ve seen from any Rangers-based pundits, but unfortunately, we doubt it will make any difference.

The heart and bottom has gone from this side, and Aberdeen will be smelling blood.

Oh what we wouldn’t do for Ally yelling at them in the dressing room.

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  1. Cmon IN ,ally was a disaster as rangers manager ,we are all passionate fans and can all shout ,that doesn’t work these days ,basic mistakes are being made and good teams are hammering us for it .I think we can all see the mistakes being made ,gio has to win v the sheep abusers or his time is up ,league will be gone and that’s another shocker tonight 😭😡

  2. Ally was 100 % correct he knows what it means no heart no hunger . They disgrace our great club . We expect so much more when you pull on the Famous Light Blue Jersey. We need a new manager , new chairman and a lot of these losers need to be dropped immediately , not benched dropped .

  3. Unfortunately but ally is absolutely correct rangers are alot better than that display there was no heart or conviction not saying rangers would have won but there good enough to get the draw they need to get there act together or the likes of Liverpool will destroy them.that tonight was like a team that was just making up the numbers they are definitely alot better than that

  4. Ally your bang on that display tonight was a team making up the numbers rangers are alot better than that shambles they need to get there act together or leave

  5. There is something wrong in that squad, even more evident when the skipper gets taken off at half-time. Why is Gio insisting on Sands at the back when he is clearly not a SPL quality defender never mind CL. That makes everybody nervous so no wonder they are a bit disjointed. Ryan Kent is another who is not delivering and should spend a bit of time on the bench.

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