There’s a ‘hidden’ £30M Rangers fans don’t know about

There’s a ‘hidden’ £30M Rangers fans don’t know about
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So there’s a lot being made about how much Rangers have spent in this window, with criticism from some leading Rangers fan sites at the board over not backing Gio.

This is despite the sum of around £15M being used, more than anyone since Walter Smith’s days.

So our personal criticism isn’t at the amount spent, although we’d question what it was spent on, more to the point.

But that also isn’t pertinent:

Rangers fans might be less aware of the wad of cash Rangers have had to ringfence and put aside for other purposes, and it totals almost £30M.

For players, two of our players are currently on option to buy – and due diligence means Rangers have had to put aside £4.5M for James Sands, and £4.5M for Malik Tillman.

That’s £9M off the bat, assuming we go for the purchases.

Then there’s the two most fans tend to forget or even not be aware of – Edmiston House and Sports Direct.

Starting with the former, the building and construction of the world class leisure establishment isn’t going to be free, just like ‘Murray Park’ wasn’t all those years ago. The-now Training Centre cost around £13M to build, and the new facility currently being compiled is around £10M.

And last but not least, the Sports Direct settlement. To get rid of Ashley, we understand the settlement was around £8M – that was a small price to pay to get shot of Ashley permanently.

So, when you total that up, you have £26M+.

That is monies the club has had to use for things other than purely signing players this summer.

It approaches £30M but we don’t get to see any shiny new signings for it.

What, did you think Edmiston House was free? That the settlement was just a nice handshake from Mike? And that Sands and Tillman will be £2?

While the board is getting it thick at the moment, we don’t blame them entirely, even if we have certain individual criticisms.

No, the recruitment and scouting department, headed by Ross Wilson and John Park is most definitely strongly accountable here, and it’s to do with what they spent the money on, not how much.

Unfortunately, at this early stage, £10M has been a complete waste, £2M verging on it, and only £3M (give or take) a good investment (Goalak).

And that has nothing to do with the finances.

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  1. The player sales would hv covered this. We still got to a Euro Final last year which bring in cash im guessing at least 10-15m, and just qualified for Champs Lge which is minimum another 40m. Surely we could hv got a good CB and GK out of tht ?

  2. If you ever look at outgoings at rangers they can be massive as you rightly point out .You can also add the a return for the investors,who have supplied many millions to keep club running during the pandemic when a black hole to the tune of 24 million appeared ,these guys are of course due their loans back .I also think there is nothing wrong with keeping money in the bank for a rainy day ESPECIALLY after what we have been through .

  3. The striker is called colak not goalak, sand has had 2 shakey moments nothing else and if we bag tillman for £4.5m that would be the biggest bargain since bassey, if tillman keeps playing the way he is hes easily gonna be worth upwards of £20m in a season or 2, between last season, player sales and making champions league, we have raised almost £100m and only spent £10.8m fans know that theres money put aside for everything getting done and loans paid back, were not all stupid

  4. Financial fair play. We are on UEFA’s radar and the board have to comply or face fines. End of story. We are on the up, let’s not ruin it by getting ahead of ourselves.

  5. Firstly yes to Tilliman no to Sands . I will along with all of the shareholders be looking clearly at the forthcoming accounts. We should be more than in a good position . However it doesn’t mean buggerall if we are sitting 5 points off the league title. We have more money coming too thanks to the CL. Let’s hope that those injuries clear up, let’s hope other teams in this shit league actually turn up against the rotten mob It’s all hope though no plan no cover no decent covet.

    • Bill I know what you are saying about teams not turning up but yesterday we put ourselves firmly in the same category. I’ll forecast right now that none of the others will ever turn up and it remains to be seen if we ever do. My prediction is that we’ll virtually secure second place by Xmas then have 4 months of nothing as Celtic disappear over the horizon.

  6. Dont forget the costs off our womens team again must be 4m 5m per year min we forget wages and travel not free guys and a bit more explanation of the on goings of all off these will bridge info gap which appears all of a sudden watp 🇬🇧

    • If that cost is anywhere near true then the women’s team should be dumped. They are an entirely separate entity to the club I support and I have no interest in them. If it costs us the price of a decent signing every season to keep them going then they aren’t worth it.

  7. Its about time ross wilsons signing record was seen by the fans because quite frankly,its a horror read that Stephen King would be proud of.. of the 18 or 19 players hes signed most have been moved on as duds & the others are long term injured or never even kicked a ball!…only 2 of them could walk onto the pitch today.that makes shocking reading & honestly id get rid today & tbh gio’s tactics need dealing with because this slow as shit constant passing between the back 5 is driving fans nuts we look a boring team who can’t score.

  8. The Edmiston house project wouldn’t have been paid outright. Rangers would have got a long term mortgage on that.

  9. One Bad result doesn’t cancel all the good that the football team have done over the Years . Get a Life stop knocking our team Yes their are a few players who think their Untouchable Then move them on there not bigger than the Club . We had a Execellent manager in Gerrard now we have Gio give him our Support.

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