“Can hold his head high – 8” – Rangers players rated v Utd

“Can hold his head high – 8” – Rangers players rated v Utd
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 14: Rangers manager Giovanni Van Bronckhorst speaks to the media before the UEFA Champions League group A match between Rangers FC and SSC Napoli at Ibrox Stadium on September 14, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images)

Rangers today laboured to frankly a darn awful 2-1 win over a spirited Dundee Utd who could easily have taken a point had Kevin Clancy not blown for full time before they could take a corner (yeah, referees hate us).

Ibrox Noise brings you our ratings for a pretty painful afternoon’s performance in Govan:


One who can definitely hold his head high, the upgrade over the rotten McLaughlin is there for everyone to see. Made one or two big saves, even if he shouldn’t have had to. Yelled at his defenders a tonne. 8


Not the worst afternoon from Tav who’s still clearly hitting a slump – a few good crosses yes and managed a pacy few dribble attacks, but again looked a bit flat footed at times as well. Managed an assist so overall he was alright. Guilty of overplaying. 7


Didn’t have his worst afternoon either, was worked far harder than he should have and had to make a ridiculous 7 clearances and another 5 major defensive interventions. His passing was generally good and he had mostly the measure of Watt. 7


Clean from the youngster, his passing was absolutely outstanding and he barely missed a single one. He followed Goldson’s lead mostly but at his side was very solid. 7


A tonne of crossing as usual, an assist in there as well, defensively not needed as much as previous matches. Did little wrong and overlapped well on the left. 7


Reasonable from Jack who just got on with it really. A good mugging set up a major attack in the first half and he looked mostly in the mood, but still seems off where he used to be. 6


Made literally 97 passes stick of 100 attempts, wonderful on the ball – and the only two to miss were long balls, 9 of 11. Defensively wasn’t needed as Jack did most of it, but did use the ball quite well and clearly prefers any partner not called Steven Davis. 7


His sclaff inside the first few minutes summed his form up – he’s absolutely horrendous at the moment, but he keeps trying. He didn’t work as hard as usual, just 2 dribbles which is low for him, and generally low for effectiveness. 5


A bright debut for the youngster, tidy on the ball, confident and assured. Was always looking for the pass and was always available. Can be happy with his afternoon. 7


Very very poor one from Arfield, just wasn’t in this one, and that’s a major reason the team overall looked off – he’s so good at linking midfield to attack but he just didn’t in this one. 5


Three chances, two goals. He cannot complain at his form when he gets service. 9



Tried to make things happen, was more comfortable v Utd than in the past few matches. 6


Barely noticeable. 5


Gio is struggling to get the team to click. Individually most of the players actually did ok, but as a team it wasn’t working at all. Too much passing around the midfield and opposition half led to stale and slow play, and the players in general don’t look energised as a unit. Individually they did decently today but clearly as a group Gio’s system isn’t working any more. The manager HAS to make major changes. 5

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  1. If this is our level then it was ok , but we should bury this team as did the rotten mob ffs. Let’s come back to earth here IN. Once again the manager leaves the million pound transfers on the bench , he chooses young lads in preference to them , OK McCann is not a FB. It’s shambolic , it’s not fully together. Kent should be dropped , he’s poor and doesn’t want to sign his deal. Same for Morelos. We are a mess. Something is not right at Ibrox . The rotten mob will pissing themselves .

  2. Don’t know where to start with this. Poor once again. We should’ve been 2 up before we scored in just 8 minutes (I think the first time we’ve scored in the opening 20 minutes in around 20 matches). After we scored we resorted to type by passing the ball to death in the wrong areas. I predicted this a few days ago that we’d pass Dundee Utd off the pitch and thrash them 2-0 but would do well to keep the zero. We are so predictable. And I don’t think Lundstram can escape criticism either. His passing stats may be good but it’s all too safe with too many side and back passes.
    A special mention should go to Tillman for taking the ball into the corner to waste time in the last few minutes. At home against the bottom of the league who were recently destroyed 9-0 by Celtic. EMBARRASSING!!!

  3. GVB has to go most of the players have downed tools wee haven’t a settled side gio keeps chopping and changing the team hardly ever play’s the new signings like gerrard never drops goldson the man hasn’t a clue what he’s doing the fans are losing faith in gio and the team time for change

  4. Not anywhere near good enough ,as was alluded to ,we needed to send a message out by horsing those tangerine scumbags it was another turgid affair hanging on v worst team in league PISH .
    Sorry that’s about all I could use to sum it up .

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