PL shocker sheds major light on Rangers red card

PL shocker sheds major light on Rangers red card
EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND - AUGUST 20: John Lundstram of Rangers leaves the field after being shown a second yellow card during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Hibernian FC and Rangers FC at on August 20, 2022 in Edinburgh, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Today’s Newcastle Man City match meant nothing to Rangers fans, except for one utterly key incident which illustrated why the targeting of referee Willie Collum is just deflection from certain parties in our support eager to blame everyone else.

For those who didn’t see it, Kieran Trippier caught Kevin DeBruyne from behind, in a tackle literally identical to John Lundstram’s.

The outcome? The same. Referee Jarred Gillet gave a straight red card.

Everyone was outraged.

The difference? VAR. Gillet was called over to review the incident, and after taking a long look downgraded it to yellow. A fairly just outcome.

Collum did not have that luxury at his disposal so made the same call Gillet did today – a red card.

Anyone blaming him for our dropping of two points is rather missing the point – he got one decision marginally wrong, Kent putting Lunny in the position to potentially give him a decision to make.

He did not, however, get Morelos wrong, and even Tav agreed with that one.

No, stop blaming the referee, as many still are – Rangers might have been unlucky with the first red but VAR would have saved it, as it did Trippier. Would Lundstram being on the pitch have helped? Who knows, it didn’t help on Tuesday or in Belgium.

And the second was clear cut.

Rangers just didn’t produce enough on the day to merit a win and we’d much rather not whine about a referee who is probably getting death threats and abuse online because of this.

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  1. VAR should be saving it, but it’s still ultimately Collums decision.
    VAR also asked the ref to review an incorrect hand ball decision he missed in Belgium and awarded them a penalty.
    VAR had the ref look at another hand ball incident in the return leg, several minutes after it happened. It wasn’t given despite the defenders hand/arm going up in an unnatural position, with clear intent to hit the ball. But it hit the ‘tshirt’ line and played on.
    As I mentioned earlier also, the 3rd goal v Dortmund at home! Morelos clearly fouled after robbing the defender, VAR and the ref came to the wrong conclusion and disallowed a perfectly legit goal.
    Give these numpties VAR to help them, but will they use it properly? Do you think Collum would actually rescind that red card after looking at VAR? I seriously have my doubts

  2. Collum’s sin yesterday wasn’t sending off Lundstram, it was sending off Lundstram after failing to send off Hayes-Doyle for a similar but worse offence. He made other bad calls as he always does. Collum’s problem is that he is too quick to go to his pocket. He usually arrives on the scene with the card already in his hand. He would save himself no end of hassle if he used the few seconds it takes to arrive at the scene to consider his options. I believe Lundstram’s red card would’ve been overturned by VAR and left Collum looking a bit foolish.
    Also it was never mentioned in all the hooha but I also thought the first Hibs equaliser was clearly offside. Again something that VAR would’ve picked up.

    • I agree. The ref was not consistent he did as useless refs in Scotland always do – accepts that Hibs and co play physical and let their challenges go without red.


  3. Collums big problem is he thinks he is bigger than the game a good ref does not get mentioned after the game ,he gets bad press after every game and one thing is for sure he does not like theRangers this is not one decision this is decisions over a lot of seasons.

  4. Unfortunately VAR or its missing role in the SPFL is yet another anti Rangers policy sorry. Why wait to introduce it..hope that the rotten mob get a start…done …wait till we get players banned done . Its corrupt , bent . This was shown up yesterday at the midden…Riley 4 fouls no card …Hearts full team 12 fouls 5 Yellow 2 Reds ffs

  5. English var decision was wrong attempt to play ball shud be red,administrators for var are complicating issues.Collum was correct and ref in England was correct until var intervened for what reason well never we not want players like Boyle and debryne to thrive giving exciting runs in games .down with the cloggers.

    • So watch the Doyle-Hayes booking again and tell me didn’t deserve a red card as well. His tackle was worse on 3 counts:
      1. The angle that the tackle came from.
      2. The speed and force of the tackle was wreckless and dangerous.
      3. His studs went down the leg of Lundstram.
      Lundstram’s tackle was from directly behind and was little more than a flick with the toe of his boot to knock Boyles legs together. His studs were always pointed away from the player. Cynical yes. Dangerous no. Red card? If you like but you have to treat everyone the same.

  6. We dont want to end up sounding like the manky mob ,blaming the ref for poor results /defeats .Yes the ref made a mistake ,but then how many did rangers make ,and they also had 90 odd mins to rectify this .
    Until gio makes the changes called for, players buck up their ideas ,and we remove the half ass attitude/effort /contract issues players from team,we will continue in the same form ,sort it gio .

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