Rangers player ratings on monumental night in Holland

Rangers player ratings on monumental night in Holland
EINDHOVEN, NETHERLANDS - AUGUST 24: Scott Arfield (front) of Glasgow Rangers celebrate with team mate John Lundstram after the UEFA Champions League play-Off Secaon Leg match between PSV Eindhoven and Glasgow Rangers at Phillips Stadium on August 24, 2022 in Eindhoven, Netherlands. (Photo by Christian Kaspar-Bartke/Getty Images)

Ok, having calmed down (not really) from our sensational win in Holland, we’re going to provide the ratings.

Everyone gets a 10. But we’ll analyse the performances anyway on what was the biggest night of these players’ careers, one and all.


This was, by an absolute distance, his best display in the shirt. A couple of key saves, some excellent anticipation and clearances, and while we’re not saying this was up there with McGregor’s best, it was very, very good, and without doubt the best match of his career.


Absolutely completely outstanding – did not put a foot wrong all night, was excellent at the back with some key interceptions and blocks, and kept Gakpo very quiet. He was absolutely superb in the second half, with a lot of outstanding leadership, instruction, and fine hold up play. His best night as captain? Yes.


We’ve been hard on him, and what you don’t know is we’ve had 99% support for those views. We stand by them. But we also give credit where it’s due, and he made some big clearances and one or two good interceptions at key moments. He was maybe less impressive than some others overall but he was still extremely good.


He made one or two hairy errors, no denying it, but my God he made up for them with some massive tackles, blocks and clearances. He showed big courage for one who gets such criticism and put himself in the hurt at least once. He was not quite outstanding due to the errors, but he was close. He’s a developing player and watching it happen is very interesting.


Being honest, Borna wasn’t incredible going forward – most of his possession game was spent passing to Sands or McLaughlin, or slicing clearances out for throws, but as a defender he was very strong, and put himself about, never shirking his responsibilities. Only one or two crosses really came from his side.


Oh how we’ve MISSED this. This was TITANIC Lundstram back in the right position, which we were just talking about earlier, and guess what, the old self was raging. He was massive, big tackles, lots of interceptions, and he soaked this one up. We loved his one on ones with any PSV player because there was only ever going to be one winner. Brilliant. Keep him here Gio.


This was actually the best he has played in months, genuinely, and we’ve been hard on him too. He literally ran out of steam by the time he was taken off, but whether he was playing for a move or was genuinely wanting his side in the UCL, he was outstanding. Strong, composed, rarely wasting a pass, we trusted his every touch of the ball. Maybe his playing more advanced was the difference.


Being honest, Kent wasn’t sparkling, and didn’t really beat anyone, but he did cause a few problems with some cut-ins and looked in the mood. But Teze did once again have the measure of him and limited his effectiveness once more. Also made a horrible decision late on when he had the PSV defence at his mercy.


Some absolute brilliance from the American who is looking more and more a must-buy. He wasn’t consistently outstanding, with one or two bad decisions, but generally was gorgeous with his touch, and of course, he set up on a plate the winner with some stupendously composed play. Wonderfully unselfish from him.


Was so unlucky not to have a ‘Kemar who’ moment with that run and shot, and played extremely well at this level – another very good performance from a talent who’s developing and getting more and more used to this team, manager and system.


Jesus, if we didn’t already think he was a bargain at £2M, we do now. Goalak, as he’s now called, is possibly the best striker signing Rangers have made in recent memory – same impact as Mols. He’s been that good. Goals galore, but more tellingly, his hold up play was absolutely world class. He was the world’s best-hidden striking secret, and we have him for £2M. On this evidence, he could score for fun in the tournament’s group phase.



One really poor decision aside, he was great, showing pace and making a nuisance of himself. Bought a brilliant free kick and booking with sheer pace and industry. He couldn’t have done more even if a bit of inexperience at this level did appear now and then.


He was magnificent. Superb cameo, wonderfully calming, great leadership, and this is why he’s invaluable. Didn’t waste a pass and was exactly what we needed.




Ahhhhh Gio, boy we’ve been critical of you recently. We love you tonnes, but we have expressed our opinions. And did YOU pick the night to shine, to finally win away from home when it truly, truly mattered. Tactically got it bang on, and while there was a little luck ridden now and then, he outfoxed Ruud and limited PSV significantly. This was without doubt his finest night as Rangers manager.

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  1. Yes i agree straight 10’s all day long fantastic night
    Are Rangers a better team without the buff?, looks like it,more composed,maybe time for him to move on sadly

  2. I have to say you called mostly right for me too. It was an amazing performance, but there are still the same issues that have to be addressed. Goldson is still not a blocking CH . Barasic was quite lucky in that the PSV player took the wrong options . I’m ecstatic that we qualified of course I am buzzing but to bring it back to earth we must win this league to finally put us right back where we belong . I love Rangers , I want us to do this

  3. I was wrong. So so wrong. I gave us no chance and I couldn’t be happier. What a brilliant result and a calm and measured performance. Sure we rode our luck at times but we showed them that we deserved respect and ultimately saw out the 90 minutes relatively comfortably. Hopefully this will kick start our season and the guaranteed millions will mean we can address some of the weaknesses in our team. Everyone played their part but I’d like to give special praise to those players who’ve had a rough ride recently, i.e. Goldson, Sands, Kamara and Wright.

  4. I’ve struggled to read some articles recently. I know you’re ‘media’ and you go to extremes for a reaction but it’s been over the top.

    Before the season started, if anyone had of said we would qualify for the CL and only drop 2 points after four games in the league, every single Rangers fan with an ounce of common sense would have given their left arm for it to happen!

    It hasn’t been perfect and you’re entitled to criticise. New signings have been consistent without being spectacular. The usual frustrations with team selection and performances. But you have to be realistic and stop acting like the season is over before it has even started!

    Gio has football intelligence. I assume he’s used the Hibs game, ref, SPL, Morelos and our own fans criticism to the teams advantage. Create a siege mentality and bring the whole team together.

    Now time for a marquee signing and make #56 priority.

    • Some new players, Colak, Tillman and Lawrence have been decent with hopefully more to come. But we need to see much more from Souttar, Davies, Yilmaz and Matondo.

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