Lundstram’s new Rangers position might not be working

Lundstram’s new Rangers position might not be working
Rangers' English midfielder John Lundstram (L) and Dortmund's English midfielder Jude Bellingham vie for the ball during the UEFA Europa League play-off football match BVB Borussia Dortmund v Rangers in Dortmund on February 17, 2022. (Photo by SASCHA SCHUERMANN / AFP) (Photo by SASCHA SCHUERMANN/AFP via Getty Images)

Some have noticed John Lundtram’s reduced effectiveness this season. It’s been subtle, but he’s produced less tubthumping tackles, less interceptions, and less of his raking passes.

He’s dominated the middle a lot less than he did earlier this year, and it’s taken eagle-eye observers to point it out.

We’ve alluded to it ourselves, and it’s become clear that John Lundstram’s role has been changed, and it’s not a good change.

For some reason best known to Gio van Bronckhorst, the manager has put Lundstram into a more advanced midfield position, the slot he was weaker in when he first joined under Gerrard, the slot which lost his place, and the slot he played alongside Davis who instead took up the deeper position.

Once Davis lost his place through injury, Lundstram started taking that deeper slot for his own, and before long he was owning matches.

Look here:

At Easter Road, the map shows he’s as much advanced as he is deep, with a marginally stronger presence in Hibs’ half.

At Dundee, in another away match last season, the difference is obvious. Heavily concentrated in our own half, doing the digging.

This latter position is where Lundstram thrives, and the difference between his effectiveness in both slots is becoming more clear.

He has far from been rotten this season, but we have noticed more instances of his being careless with possession, more instances of him losing the ball, and a lot less of that crunching play which punctuated earlier this year.

Whatever Gio is telling him to do, it’s hamstringing him considerably because he’s far better deeper and turning the screw, rolling the sleeves up than he is playing more advanced.

But what the hell do we know, we’re just talking **** as usual!

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  1. What a fantastic night for the famous💪💷💷💷💷
    Bouncy bouncy bouncy🕺🕺🕺
    What hibs game😂😂😂👅

  2. I just wish wee would stop being negative towards our players,and if this was written after last night’s performance you ought to take a hard look at yourself in the mirror because Lundstrum was quality when we needed him so please you lot at Ibrox Noise should start being more positive towards your team used to sit next to people like yourself they would be sitting giving Jorg Albertz pelters you lazy this you big no use German so and so,next he bangs one in the net next thing they are singing one Jorg Albertz get a grip WATP

    • All you had to do was read the date, mate. This was a couple of days ago, and we praised him to the hilt last night in the ratings article. So grip got, cheers!

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