Rangers fans are going mental over Ross Barkley to Ibrox

Rangers fans are going mental over Ross Barkley to Ibrox
BRENTFORD, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 22: Ross Barkley of Chelsea looks on during the warm up prior to the Carabao Cup Quarter Final match between Brentford and Chelsea at Brentford Community Stadium on December 22, 2021 in Brentford, England. (Photo by Alex Pantling/Getty Images)

Because a verified Twitter account has claimed there’s ‘genuine’ Rangers interest in Ross Barkley, understandably the interweb has gone nuts over the former England international coming to Ibrox.

Can we just say this addition has absolutely no chance of happening nor does it even need to.

Sure, Giovanni could turn round to us and say ‘yes, we’re signing a washed-up ex-international on £200,000 a week who hasn’t had any form in about 3 years’ in which case we’d stand corrected completely, but this one seems purely made up on the fact Chelsea fired him today.

His position (attacking midfield) couldn’t be better set at Ibrox – we have the outstanding Malik Tillman, we have the impressive Tom Lawrence, we will have in a couple of months the returning Alex Lowry and then next year practically a new signing in Ianis Hagi.

After some fans felt we were ‘missing’ Joe Aribo, we’ve gone to even greater heights without him and have filled his slot with frankly even better players.

So, unfortunately for Ross, there’s just no place for him.

Sure, if he wants to accept £20,000 a week tops and have absolutely no guarantee of playing, perhaps, maybe.

But he’s 28 (don’t forget that, he’s not 23 any more) and he literally hasn’t shone at all since 2016. He has been a complete failure since even before he left Everton.

His career stats are ALRIGHT but the guy hasn’t kicked a ball in anger since Rangers were promoted, and that’s a hell of a long time ago.

If Gio wants him and signs him, we shut up, support the guy and he’s one of us – and we will happily be proven wrong.

But we suspect the boss learned from Aaron Ramsey the risks of signing washed-up attackers with their best days behind them.

Not for us.

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  1. He was a cracking young player in his day but his career has gone off the rails mainly due to recurring hamstring injuries. I’d be astonished and a bit angry if we pursued this. Surely we’ve learned the lessons of Aaron Ramsay and other washed up big name signings.

  2. The ideas is a non starter!Better to find a younger,cheaper model who can be sold on for a massive profit like Bassey!

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