Do or die at Parkhead for Rangers this weekend

Do or die at Parkhead for Rangers this weekend
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There is no overplaying how critical this Saturday actually is. With UCL sorted and out of the way, 100% priority is on 56 and reclaiming our domestic crown.

But we’re travelling to a Parkhead cauldron this weekend where the hosts have punched 20 goals into the SPL in just five matches, and it’s safe to say they’re in form.

With Rangers having carelessly dropped 2 points last weekend, first blood was slightly drawn by the Sellik, and it’s down to us to go to their patch and make a big, big statement.

A bloodied nose on Celtic’s face after full time on Saturday would be a massive, massive result for the Famous, especially given their current form.

Kyoto has overtaken Goalak as the top scorer ‘thanks’ to that hat trick at the weekend, with his league return prior being 3 in 4, same as our man. Who now has 4 in 5 to the Japanese forward’s 7.

In short, Easter Road notwithstanding, there’s little between both sides and everything to play for.

Both have an in-form striker, and both are mostly done in the transfer market.

It’s on Rangers to go to Celtic and win on their patch, because nothing would be a bigger marker against a side who just won 0-9 than by taking them to pieces on their own turf.

That would be wonderful, frankly.

Are Rangers ready to?

Yes. It’s worth noting we’ve not won at Parkhead in the league in almost two years – October 2020 during 55.

Since then, we’ve managed a cup win (on our way to the SC success) but not much else. But we are in form, in a good place and the UCL monkey is off our back.

So it’s imperative Gio gets this one right.

Is the league decided this early? No, but a 5-point gap would be dreadful at the start of September.

A one point lead not so bad…

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  1. That would be the real price of dropping 2 points at Easter road. We now go to Parkhead knowing that defeat would put us 5 points behind. Referee Collum could’ve trashed our season before it even got started. That pressure would then transfer to the Ibrox game when it comes round as I can’t see other teams taking points off Celtic in between.

  2. I hope McLaughlin is ready for this one,he is going to be a big factor in this game,McGregor had to make some incredible stops in the past oldfirms

  3. They excel v poorer teams ,especially the dreadful dundee utd who shipped 7 v the bang ordinary AZ alkmar ,tactics appear to be attack ,attack and er attack ? .I think once they come up against a team that is very capable of damaging them and scoring against them ,we will see what they are made of ,hopefully we go at them and do just that ,not sitting too deep and giving too much respect ,or we could be in trouble ! .
    Meet fire with fire i say .

  4. This will be our most important OF game I think ever as we need to put down a marker. They are not good at the back , but are competent going forward that’s all. But let’s be real they have played no one with none of the dross they played didn’t try a leg apart from Hearts who got shafted by the green leaning refereeing . Joke. So bring it on . This will be easier than our brilliant Euro adventures .

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