It’s not just the CL at stake tonight for Rangers

It’s not just the CL at stake tonight for Rangers
This photograph taken on December 7, 2020 shows the UEFA Champions League logo ahead of a training session on the eve of the UEFA Champions League group H football match between Paris Saint Germain (PSG) and Istanbul Basaksehir FK in Paris. (Photo by FRANCK FIFE / AFP) (Photo by FRANCK FIFE/AFP via Getty Images)

Ibrox Noise has previewed tonight’s clash with Union Saint more than once, Derek particularly covering the details for you.

But on a base level, we cannot overstate the importance of this one – this evening is the first of four individual matches which are worth an eventual £40M to Rangers. While our coffers are in an infinitely better place now thanks to some major sales and that Europa League run, they could do with being completely sealed.

As we’ve bored you repeatedly with, we’ve effectively earned around £90M since last November and the sale of Steven Gerrard, £90M on TOP of the organic regular cash we’d expect as part of conventional revenue, which tends to total around £50M. This is why last year’s accounts were bad, because our outgoings were around £25M or so higher (about £75M), leaving us just under £25M deficit.

We’ve sorted that now, the club is 100% into profit, but we want to truly cement that, and getting that Champions League £40M would mean the club had earned £130M in ‘bonus’ cash on top of the typical £50M-£70M. So there’s a potential income there of around £200M since last November, which was when the last accounts were published.

Which would be eye-watering and would eclipse any revenue ever seen by Celtic in a similar period, and whether we like it or not, their financial model is the one we need to reach, given a 10-year CL head start and tens of millions in sales.

So it’s not just about beating Union, it’s about beating them and Monaco or PSV to get into the group stage for the financial rewards.

But that all said, Rangers are one of the founding fathers of the Champions League (more on that later) and belong in the groups, and it’s been a disgustingly long time since we were there.

So on that level too, getting there is critical.

Over to you Gio.

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  1. I pray Kamara and Wright are nowhere near the first team picks in this game tonight, we need our best players, not 2 empty shirts

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