“He played it like it was midweek v PSV – 8” – Rangers player ratings v QoS

“He played it like it was midweek v PSV – 8” – Rangers player ratings v QoS
Scotty is a big player for Rangers (Credit Rangers FC)

Rangers are safely through to the next round of the League Cup after getting past Queen of the South.

Ibrox Noise brings you our ratings (seeing as you’ve been nagging for them for ages).


Left beached for the one meaningful QoS attack, otherwise pretty much a spectator. Didn’t look terribly motivated out there. 5


Had a tricky first half, and even nearly scored an OG, but opened up in the second with some enterprising attacking. 6


It’s not his position, and while he’s a pro, he looked like a fish out of water. He did fine for someone who’s not a CB. 6


He had a decent game, not stunning, but a few good balls. Will be disappointed the goal happened on his side but he was helpless. 6


He needed this match. A far better Ibrox showing than v Killie, Ridvan was doing what he could to show he’s worth it. He was one of our best players and he got an assist. 7


Slepwalked through this, just strolled it like a veteran pro. Could have had a nap he was that unfussed. 6


Another one who just lazed it, didn’t look under pressure, didn’t look fazed. Didn’t look particularly interested either. 5


Can ALWAYS count on Scotty. Two goals, all the movement, and even a match v QoS where there’s no glory in winning, he played it like it was midweek v PSV. 8


This was troubling. A horrible night from him, given the chance to impress. As we said in the analysis piece, he is the one new attacker who just hasn’t settled in yet, and there was no sign of it happening here either. 4


His first half was the stuff of nightmares. A horrendous pass gifted QoS a goal (even if the finish was sublime) and he looked rattled. A lack of a football brain holds him back, but he picked up with a bit more success in the second half and did play a role in a goal or two. 5


Delighted with his goal, but not a huge lot else we can add about him. 6



Big part to play in the final goal. Did himself justice. 6


Very nice raking diagonal pass as he tried to impress. 6


Didn’t really get much of a chance to show what he can do. 5


Gio rang the changes, and will be very disappointed his fringe side not only conceded, but only put 3 past one of the worst teams in Scotland. The display wasn’t great, and a number of players didn’t do anything to push for a place, but he will just be happy to be in the next round because that’s what mattered. It didn’t do a lot for confidence for Saturday mind you. Still, job done. 6

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  1. Have always said gers do not have strength in depth that some people seem to think.its a worry,because if we were to live 3 to 4 key players,I think they may struggle.sakala matondo just are not settling.sakala just does not have a great football brain in my opinion,and at the moment,both are not enhancing the squad.

  2. I personally do not think gers squad is anywhere near as strong as a lot of people seem to think.if we lose 3 or4 key members I think ee may struggle.remains yo be seen but it’s a worry to me

  3. And people wonder why Kamara will be with us for years to come, bottom line is, not a single club wants a player who turns up one game in a season, looking like the 50k price tag was about fair for him, no, l will never get off his back or Goldson, neither are Rangers quality, cannot stand either of the players, l don’t care Goldson had a great game against PSV, another dud that turns up once a year and not a single club will come in for him, he held the club to ransom and we fell for it hook line and sinker, a wage thief

  4. Important night for all the young lads making their debuts and yet you fail to even mention Stevens,
    who came on at the same time as Nsio. He actually made a better impression than Nsio. These things are important to young, developing so it should have been checked before release.
    Incidentally, a 4 for Matondo is way too high and Davis was at least a 7/8.

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