GVB tells Alfie to ‘prove he wants to play for Rangers’

GVB tells Alfie to ‘prove he wants to play for Rangers’
He wasn't happy at all....

GVB’s statement today was castigating towards Alfredo Morelos, and hinted strongly the striker may well have played his last match.

That Gio challenged the striker to prove he wants to play for Rangers and admitted that he wasn’t there physically or mentally was about as slating as it gets, and is one of the most damning indictments of a Rangers player since Steven Gerrard’s infamous slaughtering of Jordan Jones following ‘that’ red card.

Gio didn’t look like he was throwing a gauntlet down to Alfie, he looked like he’d lost patience with him.

Word is Morelos returned for preseason in a state well off what was deemed acceptable for a professional footballer.

Over the time off during summer, it is accepted that players will have a little indulgence to wind down after a long season, and will return a little below sharpness – that IS what preseason is for, to shake that off.

But Morelos returned out of shape, completely off acceptable levels, and with no apparent desire or commitment to fix it.

His cameos, aside that one goal v Killie, have been depressingly poor and have in no way hinted at a player quickly getting fitness back.

While his actual injury recovery appeared ahead of schedule, his physical fitness is a mile off and GVB wasn’t interested in entertaining it any longer.

While we’ve slated Kris Boyd recently over his views about Ally McCoist’s postponement suggestion, the former striker was bang on today when he suggested Alfie is being exposed as a bad team mate, and that’s the worst thing for any player to be viewed as by their peers.

Morelos has been selfish from day one – only his blindest biggest admirers would deny that. And now it’s coming home to roost in the worst way.

You reap what you sow mate.

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  1. Gio can’t be blameless here. The team came back for pre-season around EIGHT weeks ago. Why has it taken this long to get to this stage. Surely players are given ideal weights at which they are expected to return then get weighed on the first day back. If they are out of shape then they should immediately be put on an appropriate diet and exercise routine.

    • Absolutely agree it must have been obvious to anyone except a blind man that he was well overweight and unfit so how did he even make the bench questions need to be asked and answered here

  2. I dont think alfie has wanted to play for rangers for a while now ,and gio is not going to stand for it anymore ,I hope he lays it on the line to kent as well ,sign or toddle along to reserves or wherever .
    Great call in THIS one gio .

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