Gio addresses Colak and Alfie up front together for Rangers

Gio addresses Colak and Alfie up front together for Rangers
He wasn't happy at all....

Giovanni van Bronckhorst has directly taken on the Colak and Morelos partnership suggestion and not completely ruled it out, with a typical cryptic comment on it.

Speaking after Rangers thumped St Johnstone, the boss was quizzed on the two of them as a duo, and his words were the usual careful and deliberate:

“I never played with two strikers I think, no, this is no, maybe only when you have to force things.”

And then he basically changed the topic entirely.

Now, factually speaking Gio was only making a point – that until now as a manager, he has never used two strikers at the same time. He always played a single striker.

And the only time he’s ever added a second on the pitch was when he needed to add more firepower for a result.

But he’s failed to actually rule it out in the future for Rangers, with the word ‘played’ being key.

He did seem quite negative about the idea in fairness, but didn’t completely reject it 100%.

But it is fair to say it probably was a no, so sadly, we are unlikely to see it except as a plan B if a result isn’t going our way.

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  1. Would definitely play 2 up front v the dross in the league ,which maybe accounts for 75 percent of them ,as goal difference may count at end of season ,as Europe hss shown they definitely do not deserve respect of us playing with one up .Sounds like gio may beg to differ though ……

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