Cowardly Connor costs Rangers as Goldson ducks

Cowardly Connor costs Rangers as Goldson ducks
EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND - AUGUST 20: Josh Campbell of Hibernian scores his team second goal during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Hibernian FC and Rangers FC at on August 20, 2022 in Edinburgh, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Yet another game, yet another two points dropped because Connor Goldson cannot or will not defend.

We got some digs at the earlier piece for placing so much blame on Jon McLaughlin and Goldson’s door, but for anyone who has seen the second goal for Hibs, it’s an open and shut case.

Goldson, and indeed Ryan Jack, ducked out of the way of Josh Campbell’s rather modestly-struck half volley, letting it past them with a borderline red carpet, as McLaughlin played his part by remaining rooted to the spot with a floating volley Allan McGregor would have 100% saved or at least tried to.

This was defending on a catastrophic scale, and yet again it’s Mr Untouchable himself hugely culpable in the process.

See, to be a footballer for Rangers, you have to have courage. You have to have the willing to put yourself in the hurt to save a goal.

Think back to Colin Hendry in the 90s, absolutely slamming himself into the post to stop a goal. He needed treatment for that and he was poleaxed for quite a while.

But he took it – he took the hurt.


Goldson, and Jack, shamed the club by ducking away from a fairly weak shot, and McLaughlin compounded it with pathetic goalkeeping.

Jack we are going to give a free pass for this one on – he’s given us TONNES since he’s been here, when fit, and few have worked harder. He will be disgusted with himself over that goal.

But Goldson? Goldson is a stain on Rangers’ jersey and the more untouchable he is the more goals we’ll leak.

Four more years of him? No thanks.

But the all-round defending this team is delivering is way off – Sands, Tavernier and Barisic all to blame for the opening goal, Goldson, Jack and McLaughlin to blame for the second one.

It’s miles off being good enough and it’s what happens when you have a substandard goalie and an immune defender who just complains at everyone – the rot spreads out from there.

Wonderful stuff Mr Rangers.

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  1. watched terry butcher blocking shots with a blood filled bandage wraped around his head and encouraging everyone around him to give there all for this great club,now Ihave to suffer Goldson ducking out the way and then blaming every other player on the field for lack of effort,the mans a disgrace .(end of rant sorry).

  2. You should add Matondo to the list of players to blame for the first goal. Matondo pulled out of a tackle that he at least should have contended. Not much Welsh bravery shown there and absolutely unacceptable and unforgivable for a Rangers player.

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