Connor Goldson is in danger of alienating Rangers fans

Connor Goldson is in danger of alienating Rangers fans
Goldson celebrates his new deal (Credit Rangers FC)

This is the last piece we’re doing on Connor Goldson for quite some time, inspired by a reader who was ‘glad we’re dissing Goldson now because he’s pathetic’.

See, there will be a strong school of belief among the support that all players unconditionally must be backed, and that as long as they’re in our jersey they’re one of us and deserve that support.

And many among you our heavy criticism of the defender doesn’t fit into that, that it might even sound ‘tim-like’.

And if we were reading these criticisms of Goldson on another Rangers site, we might even tend to agree (albeit we know 99% of them are actually pure advertising clickbait and do not have our club’s best interests at hand).

But that bit in brackets is the difference – all of us on Ibrox Noise want success for our club, the best for our club, and players who want to be here.

While Fashion Sakala’s stock has plummeted, one thing we always liked about him and respected was the fact he was so absolutely delighted when he joined, that he felt he’d finally hit the big time and was utterly honoured to be at Rangers.

He showed humility and was thrilled to be in our colours.

Has Connor Goldson ever come close to showing any grace about being at Rangers?

Even his talk about the contract when he actually addressed it at the end of 55 was about how he wanted to be remembered for 55, 56, 57 – he didn’t say anything about how he wanted to stay and help the club to dominate, or help his team mates. He just wanted his own reputation to soar.

Because he wanted the move to the PL. Which he didn’t get.

And so now we’re seeing a deeply unmotivated defender who this season has shown absolute contempt for the shirt, blaming others for his errors, costing us a tonne with those errors and even his biggest fans among the support have lost a bit of goodwill towards him.

See, we really don’t want to pick out our players, lord knows we want to praise every one of them.

But Goldson is making it very difficult this season to give him any credit, to give him your blind faith.

He barely wants to be here, he even admitted he ‘had a decision to make’ and he settled for us because nothing else came up.

And now to add to that, his play on the pitch is absolutely horrendous.

Look, if Connor Goldson ups his game, defends like Gough or Butcher and turns it around, we will, as loyal Rangers men, fickle to the bone, switch round and give him all the credit and praise in the world that he will earn, and forget about the contract nonsense and the apathy.

But he’s not justifying the contract with form to reflect him getting another 4-year deal. Not even close.

That Connor Goldson is being outclassed by James Sands tells you everything.

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    • Connor Goldson is only one man,he can’t be everywhere on the pitch! Most matches he has to cover for a right back who thinks he’s a right winger, and he doesn’t always have the same defenders on his left so he has a lot of covering to do. Maybe if he had more help when defending the consistency would improve. I like Goldson,he starts a lot of good attacks with accurate long balls and he’s always a threat at set pieces ! I say lay off him and criticise the defenders who are not doing their job properly!

  1. Goldson’s slipshod defending and tendency to put the blame on others has been evident for quite a while. Funnily enough, I’m no longer angry with him – almost blasé about his blunders if it didn’t cost Rangers points and money. What really grates on me is that neither Gerrard nor van Bronckhorst have been able or willing to fix our defensive frailties and bring in a (or two) reliable centre-back(s). Balogun has left. Helander has always been injury-prone and I doubt we’ll see much of him in the future. Sands is a stop-gap. Katic is being ignored. So I fear this will not be your last piece on Mr Goldson, IN.

  2. Your actually makes sense , the penny has dropped .
    We can look at his performances in Europe compared to the league , he ups HIS game to a certain degree for the broader audience.
    I’ve never been 1 to heavily criticise a player when he’s in the Jersey giving 💯, , you guys have got it spot on ..when we were all gobsmacked he’d resigned looking back it was all about him , him , him ….as for Sands bang on when a DCM out shines its bad .

    • His performances in Europe have been catastrophic as well going back to the EL Final where he cost us the goal. He is an accident waiting to happen as yesterday proved.

  3. The fact its taken till now for people to wake up from some misguided euphoria of this Englishman’s stock simply because Gerrard was here… is laughable still in itself..
    That being said, when has he EVER put his body on the line as the “so called” lynch pin of our defense??? Riddle me that!!!! Absolute waffler and joke of a defender!! Waw, he can ping a ball, sometimes, and that’s how he’s been adored!!! To use the pandemic season alone as his save and grace is further embarrassment as even then he not once shown great steely defending that should be duly applied!! Disgrace we gave him the money we have!!!

  4. I have never been a great believer of blindly backing players who don’t give their best for the Famous , who like Katic for example put his body in the way at every opportunity to stop goals/attacks. Goldson has been a continual and common denominator of our key losses critical one being the Europa Final and the Hibs semi final debacle. I have said on various posts that GVB will be held accountable for his and Mclaughlins continual selection . I also don’t subscribe to slaughtering our players but there has to be external expression of dissatisfaction on GVBs selection of this player .

  5. I would have been delighted if we had managed to off load Goldson at the end of the last season, as his refusal to put pen to paper indicated his clear wish to be somewhere else.
    However, in his defence, he is partly a victim of the crazy Ibrox policy of playing short tippy tippy passes in around our 18 yard box. None of our defenders have the close ball control ability to do this, and as well as pissing off the fans, is going to cost us.
    He used to provide some danger with his headers at dead ball situations at the other end, but that’s been lacking, and his long diagonal ball out to Kent is entirely predictable , and easily covered by our opponents.
    There are others in that back four , who are also equally poor when it comes to dead ball situations, but we do badly need a centreback or two who will provide some backbone, and a return to man marking, rather than this zonal area nonsense.

  6. 10 other players not doing their jobs before the ball gets to Goldson or Mc Laughlin, Tavernier is constantly AWOL from hi defensive CAPTAIN duties.
    More than one player is at fault.

  7. Said it last year same again this year Goldston is a liability, only CH I know who ducks when heading a ball , response to 2nd ball is none existing seen milk go quicker, blames his teammates for his inadequacies caused us so many goals in Europe and at home by ducking at shots the evidence is their for all to see they should have kept Balogun for another year and another thing Soutar is a better Right Hand Side CH as proved in his MOM performance in cup final Gio open your eyes anyone else making mistakes like he does gets dropped like a hot tottie ⚽

  8. Said this for the last 3 years about goldson. Every partner he has had in his time have been blamed for his mistakes, albeit they have all been prone to making their own howlers. From Joe worral, edmundson, katic, helander, balogun, to the present with bassey, sands, anyone he plays with. The guy is not rangers class, never will be. He must be dropped now, play souttar or Davies on the right hand side of our centre back pairing but give them the time to forge a partnership with whoever, but just drop goldson or we will suffer. A centre half who ducks out of the way is no use to any team, certainly not mine.

  9. Have to agree with what is being said here Goldson needs replaced, we bought Soutar so why not play him, he is a right side player and I think him and Sands could make a good partnership.

  10. Goldson is only at Rangers because no other offer came in for him from the PL , he’s a liability, and needs to start defending like some of our greats that graced Ibrox and wore the great Rangers strip,so it’s not too late for him,but he needs to up his game , hopefully starting next week in Europe

  11. Finally, glad to come across your page. On Facebook pages got blasted for criticising Goldson and Tav for their defensive abilities. Least Tavernier scores goals and assists, but Goldson doesn’t even take a hit from the ball nevermind anything else.

    Goldson has joined and the question I ask when I look at player is; What were they like when they joined and how have they improved since?

    Goldson has not changed that much, ducks from shots, loses most 50/50s, always blames his team when we concede, shows little to no Rangers spirit (Like Sakala does despite being here less), gets caught out whether it be on the ball, a under powered pass or just on the attack.

    Sadly I think the club is showing too much loyalty to players that wouldn’t or haven’t done the same. And that is why we will see him season in and season out. Cause as mentioned in the post, he wanted the move to the prem but didn’t get one so he is settling. And just by being there and having the grace of Gerrard, the club will continue to use him. Meanwhile players like Katic are shown the door after Spartak Moscow for a bad game during a pretty poor season around.

  12. I always take the view that the player should not be getting a ripped a new one every time he takes the field ,as what player goes in to the managers office and tells him he needs a rest and could he drop him .I do now think it is time for goldson to get dropped as he is making far too many mistakes ,but for whatever reason gio (like ged) seems to see something in him that we do not .Whatever it is it may cost him in the long run, as it was pointed out that mclaughlin ,barrisic ,sands are not good enough by many and he still staunchly keeps picking them ,result ? already behind to that lot and baw hair away from going out on wed .

  13. The Goldson Tavenier scenario as mentioned above is absolutely spot on. This has been a major problem for years. Tavenier cannot defend, lacks positional sense and has no real pace. Being posted missing so often has cost us. Goldson is a coward a mediocre centre half who also has no pace. He does not possess a natural balance and constantly plays negative football. He should be nowhere near a Rangers team. Finally, Barasic is a lightweight, a man of his size should be powering into and through tackles. He has been completely sussed out by opposition teams. High press him and all he can do is pass the ball back, he has no ability to go forward. His all over defending is very, very poor.
    Before it is too late we must replace Goldson and Barasic.

  14. Goldson is not playing for us, he is a liability for the team. Nobody else wanted him 👎 I would have loved it if he was unloaded last season, and I have always said that he has no interest in Rangers , his attitude is not with the team . Drop him now , before it’s too late for Rangers to win anything this season.🤡 Shankill Ray ✋

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