Rangers to sign Colak for £2M as Croat jets in

Rangers to sign Colak for £2M as Croat jets in
Malmo FF's Croatian forward Antonio-Mirko Colak attends a press conference in Saint Petersburg on September 28, 2021 on the eve of their UEFA Champions League football match against Zenit St. Petersburg. (Photo by Olga MALTSEVA / AFP) (Photo by OLGA MALTSEVA/AFP via Getty Images)

Rangers are to sign Croat Antonio Colak after it was confirmed the PAOK striker will fly in today for a medical in advance of a £2M transfer.

Assuming the former Malmo loanee passes said medical tests, he will put pen to paper and become Rangers’ first proper summer signing, as a replacement for the outgone Cedric Itten and for extra striking options given Rangers’ dearth of them at present.

The German-born striker has divided fans already with his arrival, with a strong number considering him not good enough and being underwhelmed by this signing, but the proof is in the pudding, and if he’s good enough for Gio he’s good enough for us.

End of the day, Morelos desperately needs quality competition, and as present isn’t even fit, so right now as things stand, Rangers have zero pure strikers.

Meaning Colak is a rather necessary signing to say the least.

He will, as a Ger and as a Gio signing, get our full support and hopefully he wins over his doubters in the support who want Messi and nothing less.

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  1. Welcome to the club ! …yes forget the doom merchants who have every potential signing as as a dud and want names .Get real …we arent real madrid ,man city etc and cannot pay the massive wages for even relative nobodies like the norwegian boy who pissed off to salerni…oh whatever they are called ,haha .

  2. Having checked the deal out from various news outlets it is 6 million plus add ons, appearances ,sell on etc .Just incase any fans think 10 million burning a hole in rangers pockets and the 6 million will most probably be in instalments ,better than nowt though .
    Much like the paterson “16 million ” it was not as gers fans think ,many conditions and appearnces etc .

  3. I really Stuarts information about the fee for this guy is more that 2 Miliion , he is average. Possibly might get better with us , but we will see. I will using my contacts around Ibrox and the other people I trust to get the proper stories. We are short in a couple of areas of replacing quality. When we sell Aribo we need to sign Lewis Ferguson , he’ll add some stell and a few goals too.

  4. oooops dont know how that happened ..I blame my computer … haha it was indeed about aribo sale ,my apoligies .
    Colak 2 million

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