Is Rabbi REALLY a right winger? Rangers’ new man profiled…

Is Rabbi REALLY a right winger? Rangers’ new man profiled…
The new boy arrives as a Ranger (Credit Rangers FC)

It is well-known how quick new signing Rabbi Matondo is, and it is also known that he is flexible, but while Ibrox Noise regaled you all with the tale of his preference to right wing and his being Rangers’ long-sought solution to that vacancy, the reality is Matondo has only modestly touched that position as a senior player.

Looking at his track record, almost all of his RW appearances came in youth football, because as a senior player for Stoke, Cercle and Schalke, the lad has been on the right only a modest amount.

Breaking it down:

In Belgium, his most recent gig, he played only ONCE as a RW, being mainly on the left ala Ryan Kent.

In Germany, going back a little further, it was mainly as a 10, a second striker, with RW being his secondary position.

And at Stoke he was mainly a RW but that was 10 appearances total and only 7 of them were in that position.

What we are learning is he is a young player, who is currently extremely versatile and can play any of the front three positions as well as a little deeper too.

But he certainly needs an identity because in senior football he’s managed a total of 18 appearances as a RW, with 21 as LW.

He’s young, mouldable and ripe to be developed, and we will be intrigued to see how Gio uses him.

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  1. Maybe he can be inter changeable with Kent on the left and Lawrence if he plays centrally. It’s always good to have flexibility in your team.

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