Critical Colak’s signing for Rangers was absolutely vital

Critical Colak’s signing for Rangers was absolutely vital
The manager and our new boy in Portugal (Credit Rangers FC)

Some fans might not be aware of the importance of Antonio-Mirko Čolak (to give him his full name) arriving at Rangers at long last.

Not only have we extensively documented his CV, demonstrating that in the right circumstances the man is a goal machine, but there’s something else too:

He is our ONLY fit striker.

Colak comes to Rangers not just for depth and options up front, but the fact of the matter is he instantly becomes first pick up front due to the complete dearth of selection otherwise.

Rangers’ only other fit ‘striker’ is Fashion Sakala, and the Zambian is more of a utility front-three forward than a complete number 9.

But Colak, by his own word, is all about goals.

And he’s the only striker we have equipped to score them.

Getting him now was essential – we missed out on Botheim, albeit Colak’s stats are basically identical to the Norwegian’s, and nailing this one was crucial.

Was it a panic signing? In a sense, yes – panic in the sense getting him was urgent, but not so much panic because we’ve been wanting to get this over the line for quite a while regardless of other players.

But the appalling injury issues we have (both Morelos and Roofe are now massive doubts for the start of the season) meant getting in a fit striker pronto was beyond critical.

Of course, it does mean a lack of depth – we’re hugely reliant on Colak right off the bat, and have no one really to supplement him, but thankfully we do have him, and will have him for the CL qualifiers and SPL start.

But yes, getting him now was absolutely critical.

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  1. Welcome to the big fella. Other than his short time in Greece the lad (solely from stats) looks a player. Hopefully he’ll hit the ground running and cause other teams as much if not more trouble than he did to us last season. I haven’t seen him in action, other than against us for Malmö but I’d like to think Gio sees him being used in much the same way as a Nicolai Jørgensen was for him at Feyenoord.

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