Lack of signings as some Rangers fans defend transfer business

Lack of signings as some Rangers fans defend transfer business
Rangers fans await kick off ahead of the UEFA Europa League Semi-final, second leg football match between Rangers and RB Leipzig at the Ibrox Stadium, in Glasgow, on May 5, 2022. (Photo by Oli SCARFF / AFP) (Photo by OLI SCARFF/AFP via Getty Images)

We’ve been seeing some Rangers fans defend the lack of signings at Ibrox this transfer window by suggesting players and managers are on holiday.

And that is true, a lot of them have been – we saw Kenty pulling pints at one point.

But it sure as hell didn’t stop Celtic, Dundee United or Aberdeen being active in the transfer market, did it?

Indeed, these sides have been actively recruiting, sides we’d expect to give us a test this season, with Aberdeen especially front foot first in the market bringing in new talent for their new campaign.


Absolutely diddly squat.

But it’s ok, because the players are on holiday…

Anyone who has a clue about football will know players’ phones are very much ON during their hols, and they will very much be active if a move is coming up. Of course, it is time to chill for them and they’ve earned that, but if a big PL move was to appear, they are proactive in dealing with it.

Indeed, fan reaction to the start of preseason media material from the club has universally been urine-extracting of the constant posts about players arriving and Auchenhowie being ready, instead of telling us a player or two has joined Govan.

It does seem fan patience is wearing a little thin already, given we have only one month until the UCL starts.

It does feel like time has been wasted.

Do we trust Gio? Absolutely. Do we trust the board? Nope, not after way too many fiascos since March last year.

And it’s Ross Wilson at the heart of the transfer work – so the pressure is on him to make things happen. Do we trust him? Some hits and some misses, it’s hard to say.

But fans will certainly make themselves heard if we don’t see serious strides this week towards new bodies.

Understandable really. Especially if Dundee United, who barely had a manager till a day or two ago, are signing folk.

Get on with it!

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  1. I don’t accept this “on ma holiday stuff sorry” when I was working my phone and communication was always on . We are doing what we always seem to do , looking for frees , looking for similar Aribo type deals. Rangers don’t have the cash the rotten mob have or will have . Yes if we qualify for the CL great..but you need a good side ,which you could argue we already have . But you also need a plan B which we don’t. Wilson doesn’t inspire me . I hope the GVB Team of coaches surprise us with good Euro , Dutch connections…well see but time is running out . Gerrard found that when we were humbled by Malmo using the same last season squad only. It all seems so familiar. I know we are a business and need to balance the books, but getting gubbed in Europe then starting poorly in the SPFL is the wrong way to go .

    • From what we’re seeing the majority feels this way, the minority defends as Stuart and SWH have. As for having a good side, it goes stale if nothing new gets added to it.

  2. I know it is the job of fansites to raise issues, and maybe cause debate on subjects ,but you seem to be like a dog with a bone on this subject IN .We still have all the same squad apart from players we wont really miss ie diallo ,ramsay ,baloguen and have the same very important players on wage bill ie morelos ,bassey ,kent ,which lets face it got the better of them in last few games once gio had worked out the fat greeks “tactics” and let us not forget a EUL FINAL which very unlucky to lose and a scottish cup.I would say 2-3 QAULITY players short of very very good team, 2 months to go why the panic ? .
    Would we be happy with dundee utd signings after all …..NO .We could go sign 10 pish players tomorrow for 500000 ,wont necassarily make us better .Qaulity over qauntity for me EVERY time .

    • You omitted Celtic, the champions (rightly or not), strengthening while you justify us not. And you can both (SWH) feel free to but the notion of 2 months to go rather forgets UCL and the start of the season.

  3. As Stuart a says, let’s get some perspective. We have already signed a defence. We were certain Goldson was off. So him and Souttar are effectively new signings for next season.
    Next, I think it is HIGHLY unlikely that GvB and the team have not been hard at work. But until someone is signed, I don’t want it leaked.
    Next, everything depends on CL. I suspect that at least one of the big three will wait to decide which Euro tournament we will play in before deciding. That
    Next, outgoing sales, which are out of our control, will determine our income and so spend, as well as what positions need strengthened. If we buy an LB, it drives down the price for Barisic and/or Bassey, so we wait. Pre season training may decide GvB on whether Lowry is ready, can anybody replace Aribo or will we have to buy if he goes? Same thoughts for Kent.
    None of the names I have seen would replace Morelos, they are the new Itten, except for the boy out of Russia, whose story has gone cold recently.

    Keep the faith

  4. I try not to notice what that other lot do tbh IN ,I think we have a better team than them as proved in last few old firm games ,yes i did mention 2 months roughly and i do still feel CL cash may play a massive part ,only accounts will prove for certain .It is only guess work just now They have GUARANTEED CL cash we dont ,that is why they may spend more .
    I would say wait till nearer first game of season …if we havent signed at least one very good player I will be very very surprised .
    Remember IN a LOT of people were slagging gio and saying get him out after first old firm game ,doesnt mean it is right ,fans can be both impatient and fickle .

  5. The problem with waiting to see if we get CL money is that all the best players we could attract will already be signed up. We need players now to integrate into the team and have a full pre season. How many times have we excused a players poor performances on a lack of a pre season. My fear is we spend the next few weeks not getting players then signing another Itten or Sakala. Or if we do manage to find a good buy before the end of the window he’s not match fit. Colak would be decent start. Let’s get the deal done then move onto the next one.

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