£10M sale just changed the Rangers transfer landscape

£10M sale just changed the Rangers transfer landscape
Football - 2021 / 2022 UEFA Europa League - Qualifying - 1st Leg - Glasgow Rangers vs Alashkert - Ibrox Stadium Calvin Bassey of Rangers during the warm up PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxUK

Aberdeen accepting a potentially £10M transfer fee (initial £4.5M, plus £3.5M addons plus 20% sell on fee) for 18-year old Calvin Ramsay from Liverpool shows exactly what Rangers should be expecting for our lucrative assets and why Aberdeen are bang on to hold out for every penny they get.

We’re no fans of the sheep here on Ibrox Noise, the clue is in the name, but if you have valuable marketable assets and they’re in demand from big clubs, you get every penny you can.

If Ramsey is worth £10M, and Liverpool think he is, Calvin Bassey is worth literally beyond £30M+, and that is no joke.

The sale of their star RB shows exactly what SPL players are now becoming worth, and if Liverpool are prepared to pay the seventh-highest all-time fee for an SPL player (Tierney 25, Dembele 20, Ajer 20, Patterson 16, Van Dijk 12.5, Frimpong 11.5) and the highest by far for a non-Old Firm player, it shows what Rangers should be expecting if we are indeed to sell any of our players this summer.

Bassey’s market value just hiked massively as a result of this, he’s just 22 and contracted for the same length Ramsay is, and his achievements absolutely dwarf the Dons star.

And this sale shows now exactly what Rangers can expect for their biggest assets if a sale is inevitable.

Honestly? If Ramsay is worth around £10M then Rangers’ best players are easily 3 times or beyond that.

Fair play to Aberdeen, for once.

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  1. WOW! you nearly gave me a heart attack there when i seen headline 10 million and picture of bassey !! thought we had sold him for that ! hahahaha
    Wouldnt mind lewis ferguson from this mob .

  2. Correct , although they’ve been hawking him all over the place lol. I would like to see us look at adding young Ferguson from the Sheep, but I fear they will price him out of the market .

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