“Worth £80M” – Bassey value rises amid latest heroics by Ranger

“Worth £80M” – Bassey value rises amid latest heroics by Ranger
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Following his third epic performance in a row (an assist for his country), Calvin Bassey’s stock has reached sky high proportions, and some calls he’s worth £80M.

Of course, the reason for this is logical – if Harry Maguire, who has become the byword for ‘overinflation’, could go to Man Utd for £80M given how much he’s struggled at Old Trafford, and Virgil Van Dijk is considered a bargain at only £5M less at Liverpool, what on earth is the real value of a rising world talent like Bassey?

At just 22 he is capable of going to the very top of the game, capable of playing for the very best teams, and at those teams his value will be among the VVDs of this world, if not more.

Of course, at Ibrox, in the SPL, despite his evident quality, we will not get his true market value – we will get a fraction of it, but Rangers are still playing hardball on it.

The club will not let Bassey go for less than £30M now, and as his performances rise and stock keeps soaring, his value only increases.

He’s a goldmine for the club, and the event of selling him will be the biggest transfer in Scottish football history.

£80M? If he played for Liverpool or Man City, he’d be worth at least that.

As it is, we won’t get anything like that, but it will still be a killing.

Just keep on doing what you’re doing Calvin.

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  1. He is only worth what people will pay for him and unfortunately being a Scottish club we will be lucky to get £20 million.Watch all Man.Utd games and Rangers T.V.and there is no comparison with McGuire Bassey is twice the player McGuire is.

  2. Hope we get top dollar, like and the club should be looking to extend his contract, as quality left back are in short supply never mind one who can cover at centre back, I hope we get £30ml do I think we will unfortunately not £20ml is probably what we will get if he keeps on performing

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