Rangers fans react in fury at appalling board decision

Rangers fans react in fury at appalling board decision
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Rangers fans are furious tonight after the board 99% confirmed there will be no beam back from Seville to Ibrox, despite the fact the other British club, Liverpool, will have one at Anfield (as will both other European finalists Frankfurt and Real) and there was one in 2008 for Manchester.

The reaction online is a feeling of abject betrayal, and the club has ignored requests from supporters groups, ourselves included, for both comment and a reversal of this farcical call.

Some posited that it was a police or government decision, but Rangers took responsibility themselves with a pretty wishy washy excuse and surely would have been quick to blame the police or government had it been down to them.

No, fans are livid, many of whom spend thousands of pounds on this club and who have loyally followed through thick and thin, particularly the Journey, that the club isn’t bothering it seems to cater for those unable to travel to the continent, and there are many thousands that can’t.

Ibrox Noise has been inundated with messages from people asking what they can do in Glasgow, and where they should go, and of course, the obvious answer was Ibrox and the beam back.

Now these folks are unable to guarantee anything, with many pubs taking to necessary ticketing to avoid being swamped on the night.

This is a poor call. Rangers’ reasons of being understaffed have to be the most bizarre public line we’ve seen in a long time, and we’d expect a good chance this will be reversed.

But for now, as it stands, it’s a no, folks.

Very, very poor.

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  1. How can we be under staffed ? S.Robertson was just in the newspapers bragging about how much cash we’ve brung in. Well, im sure there enough there to pay for some stewards, and catering for a few hours. Im guessing tht would be pennys compared to the money weve brung in recently.

  2. I understand wanting everyone that works for the club, especially those that have endured the entire journey, to be in Seville but you’re telling me we can’t outsource staff for what is essentially a cinema showing? Robertson and the board have seriously dropped the ball on this one.

    • This is a bigger balls up than the Aussie old firm. Just forked out for 2 season tickets, cup final tickets, MyGers and Castore’s latest release, again. I personally cannot justify or afford spending another couple of thousand to fly to Seville, as I don’t have the time to spend a week travelling there.
      I’ve been to every home European tie and 99% of our home games since we’ve been back, with my now 9yr old son. We’ve suffered being moved from BR5 to BR1 where thousands of us are squeezed through one set of gates over a couple of hours. That alone almost put my son off going back to Ibrox. But he stuck at it and went from his worst to his best experience at Ibrox v Dortmund.
      He was absolutely gutted when he realised we wouldn’t be going to Seville. I told him not to worry about it it’ll be beamed back to Ibrox.

      To find out Robertson has confirmed there will be nothing on here for the fans unable to travel, due to to staffing issues is absurd. Every other team involved in their European final are beaming their game back to their home ground. We managed it Manchester. Harry fukin Styles is playin there a few weeks after.
      Surely with the amount of money they have taken of us paying “customers” and the sponsorship deals they have, they could at least arrange an entertainment company to sort it and activate our season tickets, if they dont have enough time to fleece us some more to sell tickets.
      This board continually goes from bad to worse. Time for a change.

  3. Frankfurt have sold 50,000 tickets for a beamback
    Surely this would have been an a good earner for the famous,i dont understand why RFC dont see this as a source of much needed revenue

  4. Shame on them. 1000s of fans waited and are willing to pay and Robinson goes on national TV to tell fans nobody to support opening the stadium because they will all be in Seville. We are the fans that keep you in our position and finance the club, nothing back from the club except keep spending our money. Shocking and wrong from the board


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