Shady £6M offer is extremely unwelcome for Rangers

Shady £6M offer is extremely unwelcome for Rangers
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - OCTOBER 22: Rangers majority share holder Dave King is seen during the Betfred League Cup Semi Final between Rangers and Motherwell at Hampden Park on October 22, 2017 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

We had to note with interest Dave King’s ‘offer’ to cover the loss of pulling out of Sydney, meaning the SA businessman will fund the club with £6M out of his own pocket.

We have a major issue with this offer, and that is the source.

Not so much King himself, but the media through which it was reported. The Glasgow Times’ Chris Jack brought this story yesterday and said the following:

“The Aussie trip could be worth around £3million to Rangers and Herald and Times Sport understands former chairman King has now offered to cover the costs should the Ibrox board find a way to pull out of the Super Cup and attempt to save face with a disgruntled fanbase.”

Have we EVER known Dave King not to mouth off directly to the press when he had something to gain from it?

For this occasion, he’d be giving up around £6M, and lo and behold it’s conjecture and that a media outlet ‘understands’ rather than him boldly coming out with the promise himself.

He did it back in the day, he claimed he would pump in £50M and that was, well, bollocks, to put it frankly, and this time, a more tangible amount of £6M (one he could be expected to deliver on) and instead of his direct quotes committing £6M to the board to cover the Sydney pull out it’s instead reported second-hand by a friend or two of his in the media.

Dave King has, as far as we’re concerned, zero intention of pumping £6M in, and this is just yet more propaganda.

Rangers’ board has done it, supporters groups have done it, and now King, the master of it, is joining in too.

It’s very unsavoury and comes at a very unwelcome time.

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  1. The whole Stavros Cup deal was a mistake. Yes Mr Bisgrove was doing his excellent job to put money in our pocket. But to have cow tow to that mob especially given the location. We should gracefully withdraw and look to get involved with other Tournaments using our European status and keeping our dignity for both club and fans . Mr King will mostly always be held in reverence for his large part in bringing us back to where we belong. Club 1872 seems fractured for various reasons , it’s a common symptom of these sorts of fan based set ups , a lot of the problems are finding real money to put their investment hope in action.

  2. I kind of agree Stuart. I am not a young fan and undertsand pretty much all that has to be.
    With VAR on the way and Scotlnd getting out of third world football step by step then it is time for some of the tribalism to be ignored. Those Rangers fans at Dundee last Sunday were as bad or worse as Celtic fans last season, distrubing the game several times, the state of the pitch was bad enough to try and get a flow on the game without that nonsesne added to the scene. It is 2022 an money has to be made.

  3. Even if true you need to ask what “cover the cost of pulling out” means. I suspect it means to cover the cost of pulling out and the costs involved rather that any money that Rangers might earn from it. In that case I’m guessing the “costs” would be substantially less than £6m.

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