Rangers and the SPFL WILL have VAR next season

Rangers and the SPFL WILL have VAR next season
He's going to have assistance....

It has been as good as confirmed that Scotland will be getting VAR next season after the SFA began work on hiring a Video Replay Operator to work with the recently-announced use of Hawk-Eye being added to the SPL.

Hawk-Eye, which is famous for taking over all calls in tennis after the sport recently dispensed entirely with line judges, has revolutionised Andy Murray’s stomping ground meaning there simply aren’t any wrong calls.


And with Hawk-Eye now in Scotland, and jobs being pushed to operate the tech, as well as referees being trained in it, it is now 99% certain Scottish football will finally have VAR next season.

Rangers have been at the forefront of pushing for VAR, along, dare we say it, ourselves, over the past year, in the game north of the border, and now finally it’s happening.

We are getting VAR next season.

Thank the Gods for that.

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  1. There are a lot of issues with VAR and even now in how they choose to use it. Just last weekend there were 4 or 5 incidents in the EPL where there was a clear offence identified by VAR but they chose not to apply the law. So it’s far from perfect but it’s got to be better than leaving it to the “judgement” of our incompetent referees.

  2. This is fantastic news. We get the system in then it can be tweaked later. Rangers have done great in Europe when decisions are looked at again.

    Scotland will finally become professional.

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