Old Firm friendly ‘to be scrapped’ amidst patent infringements

Old Firm friendly ‘to be scrapped’ amidst patent infringements
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 15: Former Celtic player Scott McDonald and former Rangers player David Mitchell pose during the Sydney Super Cup media announcement at the Overseas Passenger Terminal on March 15, 2022 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images for Sydney Super Cup)

Information is reaching us that the organisers are to axe the Sydney Super Cup within a manner of months, following patent copyright issues over the use of the ‘Old Firm’ trademark, not to mention Rangers’ own fan reaction which has threatened to derail the season.

The Super Cup, dubbed ‘Ange’s Homecoming’, has been the most divisive story in recent years among Rangers fans, and the formal launching of it was done without Rangers’ permission on the 15th (which Ibrox Noise brought to you exclusively), leaving more questions and issues than anything else.

And it appears now rather than Rangers pulling out, the whole tournament is set to be abandoned instead, following those logistical issues.

It’s being dubbed ‘Old Firm’ which of course divides fans now with Celtic fans refusing to use that term and Rangers being non-plussed – but the organisers are using it to promote the tournament which is upsetting, well, everyone, because they are using it without permission to do so.

End of the day, the whole thing has been a disaster, a PR disaster, and it appears sense is prevailing and it’ll be scrapped.

More as we get it.

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