Host of sponsors grow as Rangers cash in

Host of sponsors grow as Rangers cash in
He's a bit of a genius in truth (Credit Rangers FC)

While we admit there’s been a bit of negativity surrounding the club in recent times, we wanted to be a bit more constructive in this entry and point out something quite incessantly positive – and that is the extraordinary impact of Commercial Director James Bisgrove, and the wealth of lucrative deals he’s secured in the time he’s been at Ibrox.

One look at the list of sponsors, suppliers and associate partners Bisgrove has nailed since slipping effortlessly into the job gives some idea of just how effective he’s been at bringing in new funding sources.

There’s… a lot…

Giants like Uber Eats, Unibet, Molton Brown, Cadbury, Lucozade, Sky Sports and Coke are just seven of the dozens (literally dozens) of major contracts Bisgrove has managed since taking up the position, and we can only envisage it continuing.

While it doesn’t exactly cover the shortfall of £24M (sale of Patto and SG should make a big dent in that for the next accounting period) or allow us to fund the signing of Messi, the revenue streams coming in ensure long-term growth and stability, and a plan to keep vital income flowing.

Bisgrove is very good at his job, and seeing a glut of sponsors and other companies ready to work with the club in financially lucrative deals bodes well for future contracts with further huge groups similarly eager to invest.

Because a company as big as Cadbury, Sky Sports and Coke only gives Rangers major credibility for future sponsors – that we are a major brand name ourselves who have Lucozade on board, meaning we have pull for future partners.

If we secure 56/UCL this summer, those deals will absolutely explode…

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  1. We need to cash in ffs…..we need to compete…..have u seen amount of sponsors English premiership teams have

  2. You mentioned financially lucrative deals but does anyone know how much any of these “association” (rather than out and out sponsorship) deals are worth. If we were truly sponsored by Coca Cola, Cadbury’s and Sky Sports all our financial concerns would be over.

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