Confusion over Hateley after Rangers promotion

Confusion over Hateley after Rangers promotion
Hateley doing his bit for the club (Credit Rangers FC)

The Mark Hateley situation is a little confusing, and we must admit we don’t have answers for this one. Like Richard Gough before him, Hateley was relieved of his ambassadorial duties at Ibrox, in the striker’s case two years ago.

Derek Johnstone is still credited as an ambassador on his own LinkedIn page but we’re not sure that’s accurate.

But for sure, Hateley is not.

However, despite slaughtering the board last night as he did, not to mention the players and management, Hateley IS still actively involved with the club, promoting as recently as two days ago the RYDC Lotto Academy program, with a glossy picture confirming his association.

So, we’re not quite sure what the deal here is.

Is he still officially on the club’s ‘payroll’ or not? If he is, why did he attack his employers?

If not, why was he being used for the Lotto promotion?

This has nothing to do with what we think of his comments, he’s a good Rangers man and wants the best for the club, whether his views are fair or not.

It’s just the paradox of whether he actively is involved with the club now, and what caused him to speak like this if so.

It’s an odd one.

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