Absolute chaos at SPFL as farce and corruption explode in their face

Absolute chaos at SPFL as farce and corruption explode in their face
LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 07: Neil Doncaster takes part in Leaders U-40 Advisory Day at Stamford Bridge on July 7, 2016 in London, England. (Photo by Tom Dulat/Getty Images).

The SPFL’s corruption and farce decision to pull the winter break forward has been exposed today after meteorologists confirmed the temperature for the match at Parkhead tomorrow would have been a very mild 10C, and the early portion of January not much colder.

The useless board in charge of governing our league game, somehow, have managed to bungle wildly again, following yet another ludicrous vote designed to undermine sporting integrity in the name of ‘sporting integrity’.

Furthermore, by the time the winter break is scheduled to end, Scotland is being predicted to suffer a massive snow bomb with plummeting temperatures which could see winter hurtling into its worst phase of the period.

Meaning by the time the winter break ends, the temperature will have come out of a fairly mild period and into the real tough weather of late January.

A situation, of course, which could have been mostly avoided had the SPFL stuck to the original winter break beginning after the-now postponed Old Firm.

In short, the incompetence of the SPFL, or corruption in dancing to Celtic’s tune, has now potentially cost Scottish top flight teams many new injuries and postponements which wouldn’t have happened if the original break had taken place when it was supposed to.

Furthermore, in further ridicule and farce, grounds around Scotland which don’t have undersoil heating, which covers pretty much every side out side the SPL, CONTINUE to play.

So, we have a situation now where the top flight, equipped to deal with tougher weather, is offline for 3 weeks, while the rest of the country plays on, while having NO defence against tougher weather, of which there is none anyway.

Absolute circus doesn’t cover how inept and unfit for purpose our game’s governors are.

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