Managers demand ‘circuit breaker’ as football comes under threat

Managers demand ‘circuit breaker’ as football comes under threat
LONDON, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 16: Fans provide their COVID passes prior to the start of day two of the William Hill World Darts Championship at Alexandra Palace on December 16, 2021 in London, England. (Photo by Luke Walker/Getty Images)

Brentford’s Thomas Frank and Livi’s David Martindale have joined the growing ranks north and south of the border to advocate either a suspension for this weekend’s fixtures or a complete stop in football over the winter.

As we know Scotland will have its winter break after the Old Firm match, but the Almondvale boss would have that brought forward by two weeks to held contain the current spread in football of the virus, and more specifically, to stop clubs struggling to sustain full squads as more and more players go into isolation.

Rangers’ visit of Dundee Utd is in serious doubt, and a host of matches down south have either been postponed or are under threat of it, and the Brentford and Livi bosses are among those who ask for a ‘circuit breaker’.

As we recall, not doing such a thing last March year until it was too late caused Britain’s Covid blight to arguably end up even worse than it needed to be, and if lessons have been learned football may just get suspended over winter.

But equally if protocols are closely followed, and we have had approaching two years to learn this stuff, it could be possible to continue the beautiful game north and south of the border even if not every team will be fully fitted with all its players.

This is a developing story.

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  1. We all need to learn to live with flu bugs, or corona bugs. Football is much more important than grandstanding politicians – especially the delinquent morons in the SNP.

    Survival of the fittest and lets carry on as normal. Send Guy Fawkes to bute house.

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