Gio and Ange pic sends fans into a spin

Gio and Ange pic sends fans into a spin
Sharing a kebab?

There’s been a bit of hoohah in the press and social media over Rangers manager Giovanni van Bronckhorst and Celtic counterpart Stavros sharing a meal alongside Rangers’ Sporting Director Ross Wilson.

We should point out the photo looks absurdly fake, almost cartoony, but it is real, it seems, and the group of them took in a bite to eat, discussing what football managers do.

It says a lot for the state of football in this country today that two members of the opposite sides of the Old Firm can’t have a meal together without comical conclusions being drawn or the picture being accused of being doctored.

This stuff happens a lot – managers liaise with each other to discuss various issues affecting the game and their clubs, and it shows a lot for civility that Celtic and Rangers representatives can sit down socially and have a meal in clement circumstances.

Is it sleeping with the enemy?

Of course it is – it’s also been a perfectly normal thing in Scottish football to do. It’s just in the present climate with social media and the way the world is, that it’s regarded as unacceptable by some that the two bosses would share a kebab, or whatever they scoffed.

In short, nothing to see, move along.

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  1. I for one could not care a jot, they live in the same area so chances of Gio and Harold Bishop bumping into each other for a cream tea is absolutely fine but waiting to see all the green and grey moonhowlers coming out with their usual venom hated bile, its a conspiracy against them remember

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