Old Firm hate returns as Celtic desecrate memory of Walter

Old Firm hate returns as Celtic desecrate memory of Walter
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - OCTOBER 27: Officials from Glasgow Celtic Football Club chairman Ian Bankier, CEO Michael Nicholson and former player Tom Boyd lay a wreath for Walter Smith at Ibrox Stadium on October 27, 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland. Smith led the Rangers to 21 trophies in two stints as manager, between which he spent four years at Everton and two with Scotland's men's national team. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

We were touched by the Celtic delegation laying their respectful tribute to Walter Smith at Ibrox some weeks ago.

With all the hate between the clubs at fever pitch, it felt like a thawing of the ice, and the snap of Walter and Celtic legend Bertie Auld at Hampden as a tribute also felt very much on those lines too.

A little ceasefire and sense of perspective.

Until, that is, a disgusting piece of vermin among the Celtic support at the AGM decided to desecrate the memory of Walter and his own club’s dignity in their response by publicly whining about the wording of the obituary director Brian Wilson used.

We’re not going to dignify the disgraceful lack of taste by explaining the details, but to raise that as a contentious ‘problem’, a man’s personal tribute to a fallen soldier of Rangers is simply abhorrent, and highlights the true mental illness of hate that we hoped had been quelled a little in the past few weeks.

Not a bit of it.

Even worse, is the director was forced into apologising to the Celtic support for his wording – you know, his TRIBUTE, his OBITUARY for Walter, and changing the composition.

Embarrassing, despicable, vile, disgraceful, and a complete insult to Walter and Tommy Burns for that matter.

Some people quite simply have zero respect, and are more concerned with point scoring than being decent human beings.


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  1. There are men and then again there are mice.
    Obviously the Tims AGM was for the mice of the Parkhead heirarchy.
    The person who raised the point in question has a serious medical condition that questions his ability to understand common sense and respect.

  2. Once again that shower of SNP supporting shite , let their club down , Scottish Football and disrespectfully insult Sir Walter and Mr Tommy Burns .We didn’t expect anything else , as low as it gets . Shocking .

  3. Absolutely disgusting comments but it’s hardly surprising from that shower of shite!
    The sooner they get hammered for the years of child abuse the better. A club like no other right enough!!!

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