Park gets even with SPFL over Rangers sponsorship row

Park gets even with SPFL over Rangers sponsorship row
A little bit of retribution....

The recent announcement of Douglas Park’s motor group becoming the ‘cinch’ of the women’s game in Scotland is a massive middle finger up to the SPFL and their use of the rival dealer in the men’s game.

As Ibrox Noise suggested many months ago, Rangers’ refusal to adorn Ibrox or the shirt with cinch branding was purely down to Park’s business interests, and while we felt it petty, he’s also been a wonderful chairman for us so we’ll cut slack over it, especially given it winds up Murdoch McLennan, Neil Doncaster and co.

But the investment in the women’s game is a literal message from Park, getting his own back on the SPFL by branding HIS company all over the women’s game.

True, the profile of the ladies’ iteration of football is still nowhere near as big as the men’s, but it is majorly growing and Sky Sports’ securing WSL coverage in the UK has only helped the status.

So it’s a very good time for Park to sponsor the SWFL and while it might seem a little point scoring and petty as well, it’s certainly amusing and we’re frankly rather enjoying it.

In fact, you could say the decision for him to sponsor the women’s game was a cinch.

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