Thank you Dave, but please be quiet now

Thank you Dave, but please be quiet now
Football - 2019 / 2020 Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership - Rangers vs. Celtic Rangers chairman Dave King is seen before the game, at Ibrox Stadium. COLORSPORT/BRUCE WHITE PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxUK

We begin this piece with a bit of caution – without being too brutal we’ve never been big fans of Dave King.

There. We said it. While we are sincerely grateful for his seizing the club away from Mike Ashley’s board and grip, and for the work he, John Gilligan and Paul Murray did in initiating the return of the Rangers rather than the shambles we were under Derek Llambias and co, it doesn’t mean we ever liked King himself.

And the more times he jumped into the media mouthing off, the less we liked it.

We make absolutely no apology for that, and we’re able to separate what he did for us as our chairman from the person – you attack the ball, not the man.

And we’re definitely not keen on what he said about Steven Gerrard at the Club 1872 Q&A recently, suggesting the manager is well backed and that he was ‘surprised’ at the boss’s comments to the contrary about spending.

King is selling his shares to the supporter group and took part in a conversation with contributors and members of the group, and the former chairman would have known every word he’d say would be seized upon by the anti-Rangers press, and a quote like that has been absolutely pasted over every red-top in the land.

It’s why we admire Douglas Park so much – he’s not been perfect, but by Lord he’s shown class and dignity and rarely to never has been in the press giving a pile of nonsense for everyone and anyone to dissect.

This is not to argue King’s claiming anything ‘negative’ about Gerrard, but as an ex-chairman, a vague and supportive comment was much more prudent there, despite the fact what he said afterwards did support Gerrard and the board anyway.

King makes headlines every time he opens his mouth.

We’d honestly rather not hear about them any more.

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  1. Only my opinion but all this media hype to unsettle the management and players.

    There’s a title at stake worth an estimated £40,000,000 up for grabs Sutton Nicholas and the mouth piece Stewart plus Commons are trying so hard to unsettle the Players and Steve Gerrard.

    We need to forget all about Newcastle Stevie G is still learning his trade Newcastle is for another manager.

    Plus Gerrard Beale McAllister still have unfinished business to attend to opportunities will come but now is not the time, we need to keep our focus discipline and concentration to win that 2nd Title and claim the mega champions league placing.

    CMON the Gers👍

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