Anti-Rangers media have started a new trick against the club

Anti-Rangers media have started a new trick against the club
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - FEBRUARY 20: Rangers fans during the UEFA Europa League round of 32 first leg match between Rangers FC and Sporting Braga at Ibrox Stadium on February 20, 2020 in Glasgow, United Kingdom. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

We know on Ibrox Noise we’ve been known to be critical of the team now and then. Hell, the manager now and then.

But regulars and indeed the majority of our audience understand we’re Rangers fans, and we want the best for our club.

But we’ve equally noticed a surging uprise in genuinely anti-Rangers content from supposed Rangers websites – not neutral websites, but sites supposedly in our name which are clearly promoting content which is anti our club.

One headline this morning, naming no names: ‘referee believes Joe Aribo should have seen red’ which was on top of another Rangers site telling us Michael Stewart said the same thing.

Now, whatever we thought of Aribo’s tackle (yes it was a bit reckless but we know he’s not malicious) we sure as hell wouldn’t, as a Rangers site, make a headline or two endorsing the notion that he should have gone for an early bath.

It’s a troubling trend, seeing an increasing number of media groups making Rangers-specific websites, employing writers who clearly aren’t Rangers fans (we’re aware of one with a Hibs fan as editor and another which used to have a Celtic fan as their boss, we kid you not) and using our club and name for clicks.

We’re not getting into name calling, you’ll be able to figure the culprits out for yourselves, but if it weren’t bad enough seeing DR and the s*n slandering us with absolute nonsense, we’ve got fake sites in our name doing the same thing.

It’s one being critical of Alfie Morelos because he missed the goal and we wanted otherwise, quite another to endorse anti-Rangers material which is clearly promoting notions which hurt our club.

Be very, very careful of the material you read, and listen to. Only a handful of sites actually have Rangers’ best interests at heart, and you’re reading one of them.

The rest really don’t matter.

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  1. Spot on , these so called Rangets platforms are resorting to appease those who would insult and disrespect our beloved Rangers. Our true and local followers should be aware of this and disconnect immediately. Onwards56

  2. It never ceases to amaze me how the I…. News website rarely has a good word to say about our beloved club, including the latest piece about Ex Prem referee, Keith Hackett, demanding an ordering off for Aribo in the Hearts game. Objectivity and fairness are one thing but consistently, deliberately castigating our club is unacceptable and adheres to an obvious anti Rangers agenda. Thanks for pointing this out, I.N. You are always a go to point for this Gers fan as I know that I will read fair, honest comment whether it be in praise, where duly earned by the management and players, or in the form of positive criticism where such is eminently deserved.

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