Pundits silent as Rangers come under bigoted attack

Pundits silent as Rangers come under bigoted attack
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Cast your mind back to when Rangers released The Legacy of Ready. Remember the absolute outcry from pretty much… everyone? The one outrage that stood above them all was the intensely-worded response from anti-bigotry charity Nil by Mouth, and their condemnation of this video and the song used.

Yes, a video and song celebrating our club and our football and that was classed by everyone else as bigoted, with consequent uproar.

So consider our ‘surprise’ when historical tweets from St Mirren chairman John Needham, which encouraged the death of Rangers supporters and referred to the club and our fans as ‘h*ns’ and Sevco were greeted by the same charity with a far less strongly worded reprimand.

“We are aware of the recent derogatory tweets directed towards Rangers fans by St Mirren chairman and subsequent apology. We suggest these sentiments could be made more tangible by a donation toward Rangers Charity Foundation to support its education work with young people.”

Now, their defence of their own watery condemnation would that he apologised, while alleging Rangers didn’t.

But the reality is that regardless of an apology, NBM’s riposte has a tone v Needham which is infinitely more modest compared to how they castigated Rangers.

Whether they were right or wrong to attack our club (they were wrong) they used a far stronger criticism which rambled on to 3 tweets’ length, before just telling Needham to contribute to the RCF and let that be an end to it.

Look, we’re absolutely trying to avoid petty point scoring – the childish who said what and how badly were they told off.

But we do feel an even playing field would be nice, with an equality in how this stuff is dealt with.

That clearly isn’t the case, and the usual Spiers, Stewart and Dornan et al are of course completely silent with regards Needham’s views, guys who always have something to say when they believe Rangers are naughty.

But nothing will change if nothing changes.

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  1. Unfortunately the SNP green leaning hatred of all things British and Rangers are poisoning and choking this country driven by this kind of two tier response by those who hate us. I don’t see it changing in the short term as the Scottish people fall for this chap.

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