How Rangers coped without Glen Kamara

How Rangers coped without Glen Kamara
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Following Rangers’ fine win over Brondby, which forced Finnish midfielder Glen Kamara to miss the fixture through suspension, he was benched completely for the trip to Paisley.

The 25-year old’s absence had been barely noticeable v the Danes, albeit neither Davis nor Lundstram was particularly vivid in that match because Rangers mostly used flank play and the wings. In short, midfield was mostly bypassed.

But v St Mirren the midfield performance was a bit patchy, with Lundstram not in his best position for good effect and Davo suffering the seeming effects of the years catching up on him finally.

But both matches were wins, and overall, neither match seemed to miss Glen Kamara much at all.

We noticed a few full-time comments post-St Mirren on our pre-Brondby article wondering what impact the ex-Dundee man’s absence might have, and those views 180 minutes later suggested ‘not much’.

Unfortunately Kamara has played so much within himself the past 12 months that his absence isn’t being felt at all.

We recall autumn 2019, and a press conference in which he conceded he wasn’t at his best and that was why he was in and out of the team, well, fast-forward to 2021 autumn and it’s much the same situation.

Kamara appears to have little hunger and drive on the pitch for the club any more, pretty much doing what he did at Dundee once he signed for us and going through the motions.

He’s capable of so much more, we know what a talent he is, and he was basically world class at the Euros, so maybe a little rest will give him the kick up the backside he needs to get back to that level of attitude.

We won’t miss him it seems in the meantime!

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  1. For me Lundstram has cemented his case for the defensive anchor and, much as I love Davies, he should be used sparingly for the rest of the season. I also think Jack has a battle on his hands to dislodge the big man when he returns.

  2. Kamara might benefit from being out at the moment as he does look laboured . I think he will return on Wednesday as that will be a difficult game that will need patience and good fitness. I wonder what his long term aspirations are as he does have the talent.

  3. I have the feeling that although he’s signed a new contract, that was just a move to increase his wages in the short term and to give something back to the club when he does move on. From what I hear, he apparently heads straight down on the first flight to London after games to be with family, not the moves of someone that fully wants to be here and who would rather be at a club closer to family if it is indeed true.

    • Reasonable comment but remember Kenty does the same with his now-relocated gf who’s moved to England. And Kent is still happy here. Just not so much with the logistics.

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