“Dominated – 8” Rangers players rated in titanic win

“Dominated – 8” Rangers players rated in titanic win
Ryan Porteous sees red (Credit Rangers FC)

Rangers hit back with a critical win v Hibs today. Here are your Ibrox Noise ratings for a massive 3 points with a much-changed team.


Made one decent save, but was surprisingly easily beaten by Nisbet’s header. He doesn’t look as sharp as he used to, but the guy is nearly 40 so that’s not shocking. 6


His big day, finally given the big start over Tavernier, and for long spells he was just trying too hard. Looked visibly frustrated with himself after some mistakes, and lacked composure. But the cross for Roofe’s header was sumptuous and he improved a lot after that. Mixed bag but there’s a lot of promise. 7


Frankly, caught napping quite a few times and still looks like he’s just not that focused. Was bailed out more than once and managed 5 clearances but little else. Isn’t himself these days. 6


Continues to be the best we have at the back, with a multitude of blocks, tackles and headers, and saved Goldson a few times. 8


Actually played very well defensively, keeping the shape neatly and operating deeper. This should have stunted him attack-wise and yet despite that he still managed to try and get in the crosses, including yet another assist. 7


We’ll call a spade a spade and admit he was rotten. Despite a few decent passes he did little of note, and Stevie is starting to see that now and sacrificed him for an attacker. 5


He goes from strength to strength. He dominated the middle and is looking like the player Ibrox Noise was so excited about. He’s not a ‘donkey’ any more guys. 8


Joe is in a little form lull, with little paying off for him at the moment, but he never hides and keeps working at it. Nearly lost the season to Ryan Porteous’ reckless and dangerous challenge. 6


Can’t fault his energy but the quality was absolutely absent – he makes poor decisions and lacks finesse or the final ball. An honest trier but just not at the level needed. Kent at half form is still majorly superior. 6


Wasn’t his day. Lost the ball a few times and didn’t look half as effective as he has as an impact sub this year. Gets involved plenty and manages crosses but a flat day for him. 6


Did nothing all match then BOOM he gets the winner. That’s what his job is, to score. If he has the rest of his game in place, that’s a bonus. But his brilliant header won a huge 3 points and that’s massive. 8



Scored the opening goal, and his energy made a BIG difference after Kamara’s ponderous play was removed. 7

Davis and Bacuna just played their parts.


Stevie FINALLY caved to fan pressure, ditching Tavernier and also Davis too, and the rewards in energy were obvious. The team did not play great football but it showed heart and desire, and even if half of what his men tried failed to come off the manager will be thrilled at seeing some real guts out there. He might have to learn from this that sticking with his favourites doesn’t always work. 8

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  1. Okay now I’m starting to eat my words with Lundstram thankfully and proving me wrong and pray he keeps its up, but he has now passed the baton to Kamara which Blackpool beach are wondering when they get the donkey back, we paid £50k for him and right now l feel we got robbed, he is an absolute fucking shambles, another player who did not deserve another contract and sadly we are stuck with him

    Although l can’t stand SG and think we deserve better, he also hates the sight of me as well, as every time l see him l say, look at the website lbrox noise to see what fans really think as its the only website apart from 4 lads had a dream that tells it how it is, and now l don’t need to say anything, he sees me and says lbrox noise l know, l know but I’m glad I’m getting on his nerves, l wait for the team bus to arrive every game I’m at and give it to him big

  2. Ratings generally fair although think a little harsh on Wright. The boy puts a lot of energy into his game and quite honestly was subject to many bad tackles by Hibs defenders who obviously feared his speed
    Think the lad will be a really good player for Gers, maybe he needs to beef up a wee bit in order to ride poor tackles but he has got the skill sets.

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