Rangers coach SLAUGHTERS fan on Twitter over tactics

Rangers coach SLAUGHTERS fan on Twitter over tactics
The Rangers staff....

Rangers assistant coach Michael Beale has launched a full-blooded assault on a fan on Twitter, accusing him of not being a supporter by demonstrating Rangers’ record in recent times and requested that he ‘supports the team’.

In a very colourful post-match exchange, the fan had posted at half time that there was an issue with the tactics and formation, only for Beale to slaughter him at full time with the following:

“22 home league wins out of the last 23 & 1 league defeat in 47 games. How about you support the players?”

We’ve never actually seen a Rangers manager or assistant do this before, personally take to task a paying supporter and suggest they’re not a fan.

It was even more telling that the response from the majority to Beale’s attack supported Gerrard’s number two, and agreed with it, despite the likelihood that they too have been guilty of criticising aspects of Rangers this season.

Did we agree with what Beale said?

He’s right in principle, that a supporter should support, and you can’t question the stats he quoted, but we think it was maybe a bit unfair to pick on one fan for his opinion and make an example of him publicly, questioning his allegiances.

We suspect because the tactics and formation were called into question, Beale took it more personally than most criticisms on Twitter because that’s his area. Because we must point out, this post from the original poster (now removed) was not actually @ Beale himself, but only referenced Beale’s name.

Which did mean Beale either spotted it by chance or searched his own name out deliberately.

Fans will be split on whether he was right to slaughter one of their own, or whether he went too far, but the chances are this was his way of defending himself.

Which he has a right to do.

Curious post-match exchange!

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