Beale reaction may shed big clue on major Rangers change

Beale reaction may shed big clue on major Rangers change
The man it all rests on....(Credit Rangers FC)

After a stinking start to the season, finally a match we all enjoyed.

And l have a smile on my face that’s the size of my Rangers scarf, and my wife is wondering why I’m still dancing.

Make no mistake about it. This Hibs team came to Ibrox thinking and dreaming about taking all three points.

And with our current poor form….who could blame them?

But it seems that team talk after the Sparta Praha game just might have changed something behind the scenes?

…and I’m wondering if that something might be related to Beale’s hyper-sensitive response to fans criticising his tactics on Twitter?

Because yesterday’s tactics were different.

Very different

No isolated midfielder trying to pass the ball half the field to a player he couldn’t actually see, because they were so far away he might have been down at the chippy buying a friend a fried mars bar.

Instead the midfield looked like they were playing in the same team as the defenders and the strikers.

Now there’s a novelty.

And FINALLY we seen intricate passing that just bamboozled Hibs till they were running around in circles.

But now I’m starting to wonder something.

If our team knew what the problem was (clearly they did), and they thrashed it all out in the changing room after Sparta Prague, why did they not do this earlier?

If they did, we just might have qualified for the Champions League!

We at IN began openly criticising Gerrard and the team coaches weeks ago for their absolutely crazy tactics, and pointing out that it could not be all the players’ fault they were so isolated, and not improving year by year.

So, what was the difference this weekend?

…well, the difference is clear. We are almost out of Europe, and with Rangers also struggling in the league, I think the players called for a drastic change, and Beale’s tactics were finally binned.

No, we do not have any evidence to support this theory, and we don’t like doing conspiracy pieces…

But every time we go on a long break as one is now upon us, Beale brings back a team who honestly just do not look like they have played together.

Ok, I’ll put it in simple terms.

Beale’s way of playing only works if you have the very best players. Players who can split defenders apart with a 60 yard pass.

And with 60 yard passes you don’t need a midfield.

And that is what we have seen for the last two months.

What we have is a team that works best as a team.

And that is why we did so well in Europe for the last three years.

So, yesterday, we finally had groups of players running around together, with the surrounding players working their socks off to get into positions to help each other get out of trouble.

Something we have been calling for the last half year!

This is the tactics Bayer Leverkusen used against us, and tactics I knew that Rangers could play.

So, today we are happy, and I will still be smiling tomorrow.

Because finally, we got our Rangers team back.

We just hope that this is the Rangers we will get after the break…

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  1. Excellent input as usual Derek , you say it right . We have to have Simplicity it’s the key. When we play that way we are the best Team in Scotland. Hibs played ok , we fucked up for their goal Barasic has to stop the cross . Goldson has to be tighter. He’s well off at the moment. I still think the Katic decision was a poor one . Still Top WATP Onwards 56

  2. Agreed this is a good article that has certainly made be look a lot closer at the tactics but yes this hunting/moving in packs of 3s is when we have been at our best. The formation looked like a 4 2 3 1, maybe the way forward.

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