Steven Davis and the impact of his new role at Ibrox

Steven Davis and the impact of his new role at Ibrox
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Yesterday we did a piece on the recent absences of Steven Davis and Allan McGregor (and Defoe), and how this indicated a potential reduction in their general involvement this season, due in part of natural wear and tear of age, but in Davis’ case his struggles to fill in the Ryan Jack role of defensive work. Not so much that he’s poor at that, but that it detracts from the natural flow of his more creative forward-thinking game.

To say that we were deeply disappointed with the response from the majority of replies we got was an understatement, and makes us question just why so many Rangers fans are eager to abuse sites like this for expressing a fact they ‘disagree’ with or plain don’t understand.

Let us be clear – Steven Davis has NOT been outstanding this season. It’s a fabrication to say he has, and the reason for this is his playing the deeper defensive shifts that Jacko is absent for detracts from the forward thinking passing he normally does.

His typical passing level for the side would normally be well over 90% – he’s that reliable. He’s only just reaching 90 this term. For anyone else that’s an amazing number, but for Davo, it’s a demonstration that he’s not been able to pass as freely as normal because he’s covering for Tav in the way Jacko used to.

Against Celtic? Just 72% passing level, one of the worst in the side for that match. Because, again, he’s covering at the back with defensive chores. It’s not really his forte.

Funnily enough, everyone agreed on Jermain Defoe also being withdrawn, and few actually complained either about Allan McGregor being a little less involved this season overall, but when it came to Davis, it appears we touched a raw nerve.

Regulars know we love Davo as much as anyone, praising him wildly last season.

This season he’s not been at that level. That is fact. Backed up not only by our eyes, but by the stats, and by the reality of the slightly different role he’s played. That Lundstram looked far more comfortable in the same role in his last two matches is further evidence.

It is not taboo to say Steven Davis isn’t performing his very best, and we’ll be damned if we’ll let abuse stop us from calling out the facts just because of who he is.

You like Davo like we do? Stop attacking us for doing our job of bringing you fact-based analysis and the truth so far as we can identify it.

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  1. I totally agree with you at Ibrox noise on this matter. As much as davo is an Ibrox legend already he’s not been at his usual best. Age never comes alone and yes, last season probably did take alot out of him and others of a similar age. Not only physically but mentally as well. As much as I’d love to see davo starring week in week out for years to come, it’s not possible to keep his levels as high every week anymore. There has to be a changing of the guard at some point. He helped us to 55 and now should be easing back a bit. His achievements as a ger will go down with some of the best in the club’s history and rightly so

  2. Fuck off then if you don’t like that someone else disagrees with you. You do fuck all for morale, I think you should all curl up and die, because all your comments are pure shite!

      • I have sometimes had a difference of opinion with you guys, that’s the joy of supporting the famous… but I fail to see where this guy is coming from. Davo and Greegsy are done as first choice players. Last season took a lot out of them, they will be great to have around the dressing room for leadership and pure passion but on the pitch they are a pale shade of what they were last season. You guys are spot on with your assessments of these guys. Lundstrum is stepping up and I think our best keeper is Mcrorie. His displays especially against septic were beyond his years and he is the the future.

  3. It’s disappointing that some of our followers find it hard to accept any disagreement or even very small criticism of Rangers. This is the traits of the rotten mob they love dishing it our but cannot in any circumstances take it. Let’s not slither in the shitty swamp good people. Everyone gets the chance to say what they think with IN like it or not or leave . WATP.

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