Rangers fans respond to club Covid announcement

Rangers fans respond to club Covid announcement
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - FEBRUARY 20: Rangers fans during the UEFA Europa League round of 32 first leg match between Rangers FC and Sporting Braga at Ibrox Stadium on February 20, 2020 in Glasgow, United Kingdom. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

Rangers’ announcement yesterday confirming Covid passports are now in play at Ibrox for entry to home matches has certainly attracted a colourful response.

Naturally this is government policy, and not Rangers’ own choice per se, but nevertheless it’s now been introduced and fans are extremely divided over it.

On one hand there’s those with no issue with it, who have been double-jabbed and will have a passport for entry, job done.

But on the other there are two groups against it:

One, who has been double-jabbed but still wants freedom to go anywhere without being restricted by documentation proving their ‘credentials’.

And two, who hasn’t been jabbed, doesn’t want to be jabbed and will now be effectively barred from Ibrox,

We’re not taking sides – we’ve been approached by a group petitioning against this passport at Ibrox, and we’ve been gauging feeling on it too.

It’s extremely divisive, and according to certain government documentation, it isn’t even 100% necessary based on certain circumstances, such as if you’ve lost your passport etc.

There are also claims stewards will be calling in sick just to avoid the hassle of thousands of angry fans at the turnstiles this weekend, and we don’t blame them really.

This isn’t really anyone’s fault, albeit a few have accused the club of getting into bed with the SNP which even we’d have to say is a pretty ludicrous accusation, so it’s obvious what a sensitive point this is for many.

End of the day, the club has made the call to bring in passports, and petitions or no petitions, it’s unlikely to be reversed.

Yes, we’re very on the fence over this one…

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  1. I honestly do not know what to do regarding this myself. Personally, I am not vaccinated and have no intention of getting the vaccine. I am by no means “anti-vaccination” but as far as I’m concerned there are more reasons to avoid being vaccinated than enlist myself in a clinical 3 year trial, of which no one knows the medium-term effects, never mind the long-term. I’m mid 30’s fit and healthy, and using my season ticket is now the only reason I would need either a vaccine or passport as I don’t attend nightclubs or bars.
    Speaking to other ST holders around me, apart from the one guy 60+, they are also unvaccinated with no intentions of getting it either.
    It takes long enough to enter the stadium as is with the random spot checks and gate issues. How much longer will it take the stewards to check everyones passports? Will it just be a quick check to ensure you have a QR code? Will they be checking the name on your ticket matches your passport? Or will it be random checks so they can say they have checked say, 10% of attendees?

    I will be attending Ibrox on Saturday to test the water and see what happens. I will have my fathers QR code with me to see if that works if I am asked for proof. If that fails on one turnstile, I have about another 7 turnstiles I can try, then it’ll be a tenner offered to one of the many young stewards who I’m hoping are seeing this as an opportunity to earn some extra cash, as most are purely there to see the game! Will the stewards be vaccinated? What about those in the kiosks serving us food?
    The only other valid option I can come up with, is cancelling both mine and my sons seasons tickets. I don’t imagine they will be willing to refund thousands and thousands of season tickets, but on the other hand, they have thousands in waiting lists for them. With the way the last couple of seasons have went, with either the club or Castore offering products and looking for money, literally every other week, I believe we are seen more as customers than fans, who can easily be replaced.
    Which basically leaves me the option of either gettin vaccinated, or cancelling my season ticket, neither of which I even want to consider.

    Bring on the spoon burners and lets see what happens!

  2. I have no problems with being vaccinated so therefore no problem with passports. If you want to take part in normal society then you need to be vaccinated. Otherwise stay in the house and don’t infect innocent people round about you.

    • Sorry Rob, but how am I any more likely to infect anyone than yourself, who has been vaccinated? You can still catch it and spread to both “innocent” and “guilty” parties can you not? What about the caterers and stewards who aren’t vaccinated, would you like them to stay home too? How many thousand will be in attendance if the “guilty” stay home?
      I’ve been to every home game this season, bar Brighton. I still haven’t caught Covid, nor passed it to any innocent people. So now I just stay home after paying for two season tickets and Europa League tickets?
      How many booster shots do you think it will take before you do have a problem with being vaccinated?

  3. Covid passports are an infringement on our civil liberties and human rights. No one has the right to ask anything about your medical history and you are perfectly within your rights to withhold this information without being barred from anywhere. This is just the useless SNP playing party politics so they are different to England.

    • Hear, hear Donald!

      Rob, you state you only want “innocent” people around you, that guy in front of you could be riddled with another type of blood/airborne virus that could have a worse effect on your health and wellbeing, in which your passport/vaccine would most likely be irrelevant. The other guy behind you could have served time for murdering/abusing kids a couple of decades ago and be sitting near you with his new name and identity! Would you rather they sat next to you than myself?!
      I’m assuming, based on your stance, that your father/grandfather fought the Nazi’s for freedom and free speach, among other things? Do you think he would’ve bothered his arse if this “normal society” you seek is what he fought and potentially died for? People waking up deciding what one of multiple new genders they want to be today, governments forcing vaccinations. Whatever was the point in the Nuremberg code?

  4. Vaccination is important at this stage of the corona virus and no one unvaccinated should be allowed in mass gatherings until we conquer this disease. My opinion’

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