Crowd shocker at Parkhead gives incredible context to Rangers in 2012

Crowd shocker at Parkhead gives incredible context to Rangers in 2012
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As regulars will have seen yesterday, Ibrox Noise posted an amusing picture of Stavros with his head in his hands as Celtic dropped points yet again.

However, one of our most loyal readers Heather Laird pointed out something key that went over the heads of many, maybe including ourselves:

An empty Parkhead.

When was the last time Ibrox was this empty just because of a bad result?

Yes, we know we have our Subway Loyal who tend to depart early, and there was a pretty awful display v Motherwell to end our 100% Ibrox record which saw a few head off before full time, but the swathes of these empty seats at Parkhead even before the final whistle in which one goal was enough to win it for the home side reveals its own picture.

If ever a fanbase was highlighted for its complete lack of loyalty and gloryhunting nonsense, it’s Celtic.

Rangers had 50,000+ in the Third Division, there’s simply no other club on earth who would achieve that. And yet Celtic can’t fill up Parkhead, and what they do have empties well before full time?


An ugly, embarrassing laughable joke of a club whose fans have been gifted too much too long and in the last season their true colours have been exposed more than ever.

Poor Stavros, even his own fans have abandoned him.

‘More than a club’ apparently…

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  1. They have always been that way , it’s also down to Scottish Football too. That lot have been allowed this high place in the system with their own agents inside that system. It’s a false arogance and expectation of always getting their own way that is falling down around them Liewell bailed on them , his replacement got out asap . It’s fun to watch it happen .

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