Rangers ‘axe’ SPL pair from Ibrox in major statement

Rangers ‘axe’ SPL pair from Ibrox in major statement
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Rangers have ‘banned’ SPFL pair Neil Doncaster and Murdoch MacLennan after it was revealed the SPL trophy, being lifted tomorrow, will not have any cinch branding and neither league representative will be present.

Rangers, set to kick off Flag Day after a huge delay, have certainly come under the spotlight over the Lennon and Sutton controversy, and now the SPFL duo will not be at Ibrox to present the club with the trophy after the continuing cinch row.

Thing is, Rangers didn’t actually win the cinch Premiership, we won the Premiership, so despite this new deal in place, it’s not valid for the trophy won last season.

So while it might be petty, there’s a strange logic to it too.

Many fans may also consider the anti-Rangers rhetoric from both for the best part of 10+ years, and consider their absence to be a blessing, to be just reward.

There’s definitely been an anti-Rangers climate from the SPFL, and neither of their two head honchos being present for Flag Day is probably a welcome change.

The booing both would receive at Ibrox would be some of the worst we’d be able to remember for years and would potentially detract a little from the gravity and wonder of the day.

This day is about Rangers. Not the SPFL, not about Neil Doncaster, or MacLennan – it’s about Rangers defying everything to come back from the pits of 2012 to rise to the summit once more.

The pair of them not being there is absolutely fine by us.

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  1. 100% agree these wretches have done nothing but discredit and rubbish Rangers anyway they could with their green connection . Im glad they are banned and are not given the option . Fuck Em all Onwards 56.

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