Scottish football raging over Rangers axe – and we love it

Scottish football raging over Rangers axe – and we love it
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With the SPFL duo not attending (axed) tomorrow fast following the Celtic pair equally barred from Govan, we are loving the rage in the media and broadcasting as well as social media with nothing but condemnation from all sides at Rangers for being… well everything they can think to call us.

We had to laugh, for example, at Sutton’s arrogance in mocking Rangers’ Everyone Anyone campaign and alleging his axe from Ibrox makes a joke of such a policy. Failing, naturally, to acknowledge that the point of the campaign is Rangers welcome everyone and anyone to SUPPORT us.

As opposed to the Mutton’s constant trolling and attention seeking at our expense.

But we get away from the point.

Honestly, it’s about time Rangers got our own back on those who have abused, hurt, targeted and everything else at us over the past decade. We are in Europe, we are the Champion55, and we are what matters.

It really is all about the Rangers, and as such, we have the power of veto – we choose who gets a piece of us and who doesn’t.

Some of the policies are questionable, such as the £50,000 media charge for access, but the reality is so many of these groups, individuals and organisations have spent the last decade attacking, exploiting, or maiming us in some way that our rise to the top of the table means it’s their cap in hand now, seeking some of the Blue Pound.

And we don’t have to give it.

We don’t have to forgive and let Doncaster in, we don’t have to forget and let Sutton in, and we can now happily charge or ban media groups like the DR who have absolutely tried to use or smear us in the worst ways possible.

We are the ones people want, and we can be selective who we give ourselves too.

It’s all about the Rangers, and that’s why they hate it.

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  1. ive been following this site for a long time and didnt most of the belive you were 1 of us best post IBROX NOISE has done well done boys WATP

  2. Excellent it’s great to get these people and put them in their place . Doncaster and Mutton and all of those who disrespect us Fuck Off . WATP always will be. Let them come we don’t fear them .

  3. I am not a member of the Ibrox noise, but i’m a member of every other Rangers site mentionable. Why don’t ‘WE’ open our own News magazine, giving true Scottish unbiased news of the whole country. Charge half what the DR, Sun, and Times charge and print the truth. Freedom of the press was for everyone but they are exploiting it to suit their own biased agenda. The paper would be a sellout among the real people of Scotland.

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