“Not losing sleep” – Celtic pair and the Ibrox axe…

“Not losing sleep” – Celtic pair and the Ibrox axe…
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We’ve not covered the Ibrox Sutton and Lennon fiasco at all, days after the barring of the two Celts took place.

From our understanding, Sutton and Lennon were barred from Ibrox as part of the BT base for covering both the Rangers and Celtic matches live on Thursday.

As we know, when there’s a European night featuring Rangers and Celtic, whichever side is at home will be where BT will base their operations, but the coverage will include the other side’s match as well, with the same analysis from pundits on that match as for the home match.

In other words, Darrell Currie’s presentation would remain, but instead of being flanked by Ally McCoist and Davie Weir, his guests for the Celtic match would have been Sutton and Lennon.

Rangers blocked this, and barred the pair on security grounds.

We’ll be honest – we don’t really know why this kerfuffle needed to be.

There are two sides to this, and they must both be fully taken into consideration.

First is the side where we wonder why we didn’t just let the idiots in to do their job, then send them on their merry way. We’ve seen a million Celtic-minded pundits allowed in to cover stuff for Sky on Old Firm days, this may seem petty minded?

However, secondly is the reality is these pundits are completely at Rangers and Celtic’s discretion – Celtic, of course, have banned Andy Walker from Parkhead, along with Rangers, which is why he only ever commentates now on Old Firm away games. So it would be more than a spot hypocritical to slag Rangers off over this when Celtic have also done the same thing, at their own discretion.

End of the day Ibrox is Rangers’ territory, it’s up to this club who gets in and who doesn’t – and Sutton especially has done nothing but troll Rangers for 10 years.

Was it petty? Maybe. Was it right? Maybe.

We’re not going to lose sleep over Chris Sutton not being allowed in Ibrox.

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  1. The sad thing about this is that we need to provide an excuse to ban these 2 arseholes. I can’t think of anyone who has been more disrespectful than these 2 in the last 10 years. Further back if you take Sutton’s “Dunfermline lay down” comments from 2003. I’d be happy to tell both that they are not welcome. EVER!!!

  2. I don’t like it at all, it will just start a tit-for-tat and there will be no more Ally, Boydy, etc. at Parkhead (just like when away fan numbers were reduced). Childish, in my view, and Rangers should be above that. If BT Sports had any sense, if the same pundits were to cover both games they should have had one from each club.

  3. Mutton and the ginger pop corn toothed Lemmon have never been welcome, keep the vermin out, I’ve always hated those 2, l couldn’t give a toss if it’s petty, as you say IN, it Rangers and they have the right to deny entry to those rodents




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